On Tuesday I attended my first Yoga class. I know it can be hard for some of you to believe, but I’m not joking.

You know I’m not precisely the most sport woman in the world, in fact, since I finished high school, despite having training at a gym for some years, I’ve never been able to find my kind of sport.

I reckon it should be one involving several people. I used to love badminton, and guess tennis, paddle or something similar would fit me, but logistics is complicated due to our different schedules and obligations, and the facilities.

I hate spinning, really. So much effort, following horrible music super loud, sweating like a slave under the sun, and be watching the big wall clock every 30 seconds, really overwhelm me. I’ll save my comments related to Aerobics and similar stuff.

Don’t have enough will strength as to practice jogging at this point, plus my breath capacity due to so much smoking and lack of exercise is ridiculous. I’ve never been good at running, probably because I never had a method and didn’t last many days. Perhaps, when I get a bit back in shape, and hoping smoking will be cut off for good in a month the latest, I will give it another try.

Yoga has always been considered to be one of the best exercises for stretching, recovering flexibility, controlling breath rhythm and focusing on concentration. The good point is that I’m very flexible. The cons are that I get easily diverted from the focusing point, and I’m very active and nervous.

Mireia and I found one of these super discount offers on the net, paying a ridiculous charge for half a year, twice a week, and we felt like doing some kind of weekly activity together, in order to stay more in touch, and do something different. She trains at the gym with frequency, thus she’s in better shape than me.

The funniest thing is that we’ve started from medium level because of our schedules and the center timetables, and none of us have practiced Yoga before, thus this is a very interesting experience for the two of us.

What we lived yesterday was, no doubt, a living report of our physical condition. As commented, my flexibility is quite outstanding considering I’m 35, and haven’t stepped into a gym for the past four years, thus all things considered, I can’t really complain.

I knew it had to be other way, but deep in my head I couldn’t help but thinking Yoga ain’t nothing but gymnastics designed for housewives and grannies. No need to say, after one hour and a half, my theories were no longer valid.

You’re constantly moving and changing positions, forcing your muscles, stretching them to the most, to end up relaxing your whole body. There was a moment the master was telling us, in certain position to tighten the abdominals, so we could feel a massage in our inner organs. Well, yes, my face was a WTF one. Truth is that not only me, but also Mireia, ended up sweating.

When the session ended however, I really felt super relaxed and well stretched, feeling my body tired after the effort, but feeling great at the same time. And I swear, I slept like a baby. 18 hours later, stiffness has been noticed, in very weird parts of my body. It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

 If someone had told me I’d be practicing Yoga I would had laughed for sure, thus never say never. Sometimes the impossible becomes real, and you end up enjoying it.

I’d love to post some pictures, but I’m afraid this place, and especially our strict master, wouldn’t allow any, so I will focus on stretching the leg covering my ears and forget about technologies for a while. Still, I will manage to show you progress somehow.

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