For many years I’ve been living without albums of the Stones. I know, it’s unforgivable and intolerable, especially in my case, having attended four of their shows. I’m amending such mistake, and little by little my Stones collections is taking a good shape.

Of course I knew this band is way beyond Satisfaction and Sympathy for the Devil, but the more I know, the more I love them. It’s unbelievable so many awesome albums and songs they have delivered throughout their existence.

At this moment, I’m thinking of this album, Some Girls, as my favorite one, but as someone replied to this question, Stones fans pass through different stages loving different albums. It was Exile on Main St. for long time, and then Sticky Fingers, so I guess the previous statement is  also valid in my case.

I’d like to remark the artwork of the album, which has always fascinated me, with such eye-catching strident colors, the die-cut  cover with the faces of the band members, and Lucille Ball or Rachel Welch also appearing… that cover in a t-shirt is a winner.

Some Girls starts with one of my favorite songs, Miss You. I reckon it is pure groove, and spreads such sensuality, I consider it one of the sexiest songs ever, and yes, somehow it turns me ON.

After this confession, there’s not much else to say. The track list is wonderful, full of hits: Far Away Eyes, Respectable, Shattered, Some Girls

The addition of Ronnie Wood to the band line-up, and Some Girls being his first recording is also something to highlight. I really love his killing slide style.

This past week has been a bit weird, new habits starting and old habits being erased, again affecting to my routines. Such changes required me to stand for the classics, for pure and simple rock. The Rolling Stones were the perfect choice. They don’t ever let me down.

One response to “ALBUM OF WEEK 3: SOME GIRLS

  1. Fue un soplo de aire fresco para los Stones, prefiero los Rockeros, pero esto les abrio hacia sonidos más variados en su discos, etc…

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