About a month ago I was complaining here about how terrible was that many remarkable bands are not offering any shows in Spain anymore.

We’ve been left out, sort of rejected from tour schedules in Europe, and the question is that, at this point, I think all parties involved are to be blame: the audience, the promoters not risking or not covering the artists’ high fees, and the bands themselves, many perhaps disappointed and deceived by people response.

How many times people have requested and wished a band to come, and when this turns out to be for real, then they have missed the show? Thousands. And there are many excuses valid: ticket is very expensive, the venue is not good, the show is on Monday and I have to work the day after, or the last album is not so good… Bands playing in the US in front of 2000 people, have been playing at small venues with 150 capacity. They might like it in the beginning, but they get disinterested eventually.

I think one of the clearest examples is related to Fu Manchu, band that I adore.

It’s true that I discovered them in London, I already told you the story not so long ago, but I’ve seen them 3-4 times in Barcelona for sure. Truth is that gigs were less crowded every time, and venues smaller, but fans have always behaved very enthusiastic in shows.

The fact that In Search Of European tour dates were announced, without including any date in Spain, was, to say the least, the beginning of the end.

I had read a post of the band yesterday saying thanks to the fans for supporting and attending the mentioned past tour, and leaking that within today amazing news would be reveiled. I had thought of the covers album I had heard of, but it’s been already issued (gotta get it).

This afternoon, right after work, I finally discover what they have planned for Fall 2012, thanks to this invention I still don’t get properly, except for bands updates and some jokes among friends, named Twitter.

Fu Manchu are celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Action is Go by touring Europe in September and October. 24 nights in 24 different cities, none of them in Spain, of course (sorry for sounding bitter, I am).

Yes I know, I told myself I’d take it easy regarding flash trips, I’m flying to Amsterdam to see Rich Robinson in 10 days and bought my ticket for ARF 2012 although not major confirmations have been made public yet. I was thinking of travelling to see Ryan Adams again, but dates he’s performing on, are not the most suitable for me, therefore I’ve decided not to make it this time.

But I’m not failing Fu Manchu this time. As a diehard fan I am, I must attend a show which will consist on the performance of the first album I listened to, and the first tour show I attended in 1999 (yep, totally wasted, I know). That’s called nostalgia, and sort of time travelling, don’t you think?

City hasn’t yet been decided, and this time I’m positive I won’t travel alone. We have to hurry up and agree the place, who knows, Hamburg, Gothenburg, London, Vienna… Anyplace will be the perfect set to headbang with Urethane!

We need some Fu Cowbell!


  1. Mi primer contacto con Fumanchu fue cuando salio este disco, lo compre a ciegas, gran disco. Una pena que no se acerque a BCN, saludos.

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