New albums, or better said, unknown albums to me, occupied most of my spare time last week.

I started with Hearts & Arrows, the last album recorded by Danny & The Champions of the World, that I purchased after the great show they offered on Saturday, the 21st, at Rocksound, here in Barcelona. Eventually this album will be one of the chosen as the album of the week, I have no doubts about it.

Truth is that I wasn’t too focused last week. First non smoking week, yoga sessions, and very few hours of sleep at nights (I think this was kind of withdrawal)… I felt awkward and quite chaos.

So I had to change my soundtrack, and I tried with Pj Harvey’s so acclaimed Let England Shake. Much the skinny singer has changed in these years. Truth is not having listened  to her most recent stuff, I wasn’t ready for what was to come. To be honest, I need to listen to it many more times, because I don’t really know whether I dig or I despise this album. One thing is for sure, she’s lost her forcefulness.

It’s quite frustrating when not settling at all, and because I wasn’t super motivated by  Harvey’s album I quickly moved to something else.

Gentle Spirit was the final choice, and the album I considered to be part of the soundtrack of my life last week.

There’s nothing like good friends’ recommendations. Sure you now  have access to music forums, Spotify, press, and many other ways, to approach a band or an artist, but I reckon, the feedback coming from a friend who really knows what kind of stuff you might like, is simply the best. Xavi on one hand, and Marc on the other, strongly remarked on this guy, thus I decided to give him a chance. Such was the effect I quickly got myself a copy, which I started listening to on a daily basis.

I don’t know much of Jonathan Wilson, only he’s been praised and warmly acclaimed overseas, thanks to this work, his first one actually released, in which established figures of rock, such as Chris Robinson and Gary Louris, are involved. This fact is somehow convincing enough to give him a try, don’t you think?

Focusing on the album, which is still in the middle of my music digestive system, I can say it is very atmospheric and intimate. I’m kind of digging such albums you prefer to listen alone, isolated from the real world, because only like that, the feelings they can inspire, are pleasant and enjoyable. It has quite of progressive and psychedelic important influences, present throughout the songs.

Desert Raven was the song that really conquered me, Valley of the Silver Moon the acid trip, Gentle Spirit is beauty materialized, and Can We Really Party Tonight? With that nostalgic tone, is simply pure glory.

I can’t stop thinking of the effect John Grant’s Queen of Denmark, had on me, exactly one year ago. Truth is that I’m returning to the same state with Gentle Spirit. You should trust me on this: I DIG!

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