Oh, dears! The toughest month in the year has finally come to an end. Is it only me or January is always slow and super loooong?

Truth is that many things have been done in the past month, and rhythm has been intense but the feeling I ended up having, was of tiredness. Can’t complain of many activities and changes occurring in the past 31 days.

Here there’s a summary of my highlights, not that you care much, but feel like writing them down here:

Dj’d at Psycho and Rocksound bars. Seems like the machine is slowly starting again, and I’ll be able to do some some nights on my own and with friends.

Went to the movies to discover Jane Eyre was pure poetry reflected in a film, and reconfirm both actors, Fassbender and Wasikowska, deserve complete respect. I cried nonstop, no matter I don’t dig love stories that much. But Brontë’s sisters and the way they depict tortuous affairs, it’s something I can’t resist. I sould go to the cinema more often, I’ve discovered I actually love being there, watching movies on my own.

Started Yoga  sessions. I was writing Yoda…hahahah, not yet, not yet! But most def I’ll go for some Jedi learning. It’s good because such exercise requires of all my confirmation and it’s demanding an effort and certain discipline.

Cut smoking down to zero, struggling temptation and enduring the company of my smoker friends. It’s been two weeks already. What can I say? I’m proud of myself at the moment and want to go on, pass through all the stages required as not to feel like having a fag at all.

I attended Danny & The Champions of the Word show, actually my first gig in 2012, and it ended up being a wonderful night. The show was a blast and the band sounded amazingly solid, focusing on their last work, Hearts  & Arrows. The after show resulted one of the funniest, with everybody dancing and drinking crazy. Our performance was such, the band joined us in the party, and I had the opportunity to have a long chat with Danny Wilson, the lead singer, a very nice guy, actually. Tattoos, living and playing in London, bands and experiences…it was a great time.

Poker Nights @ my Hellhouse are becoming a regular event, and I love it. The Mexican Night was a super blast. I’m proud of being able to gather different kind of friends at the Hellhouse and everybody enjoying, getting on well and playing cards, as if we all knew each other for ages. Real fun!

Recovered some of the most shocking and interesting films of the past decade, and enjoyed them even better. Finally updated Popcorn & Movies with a review on Requiem for a Dream.

I cooked my first veggie stewed lentils with cabbage and mushrooms and such meal was absolute WIN. Ok, there was no chorizo nor morcilla, but I was lucky to combine certain ingredients and spices as to turn it absolutely delicious.

January is a weird month, long, cold and usually you broke after Xmas. Right towards the end of this month the Blue Monday occurs. Not sure whether you’ve heard of it, but according to statistics and research on the subject (of course!), around the 3rd Monday of the year, is considered to be the most depressing day in the year, to everyone, for all these facts I was just naming. I reckon something like that happened to me, thus when I was reminded of the date, everything started to make complete sense.

I’d love to know about your achievements, or just the pleasant experiences you’ve enjoyed, to overcome this season of emotional hangover, and also to wish you the February month. Glad to admit my agenda is getting quickly busy, thus I will try my best at entertaining you from here. Take care y’all!

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