I’m already back in Barcelona after a 3-day break in Amsterdam to visit my friend Sofia and attend Rich Robinson’s gig on Sunday the 5th.

I’ve been writing down my experiences in pieces of paper, because no matter how many notebooks I buy, I always forget them when needed. The only inconvenience was that internet access was super restricted, and even more to a laptop, thus I couldn’t be updating as planned.

Therefore, and because I don’t want my notes to end up in a box or turning into garbage, allow me to write some chapters of my visit, as if this was a short tale, ok?

So there we go…

Finally the day arrived. Never been to Amsterdam, and the plan of spending a weekend here, hosted by Sofia, and also attending the show of Rich Robinson sounded like a perfect plan, don’t you think?

I had been worried about the Siberian cold wave coming to Spain, and also affecting Barcelona. Still recalling the last time snow caught us by surprise, especially me, who had to carry my motorbike more than 2km upwards for being too strong headed and thinking I could make my way home despite the snow… ha! But that’s another story included in my book of biggest stupidities in human behavior. Anyway, my biggest fear was due to snow there were flight cancellations. Alert status this time, was exaggerated. Truth is that temperatures dropped brutally, but snow was more people’s demanding expectation rather than a reality, not sure why, guess people are too bored.

What I didn’t expect was a massive snow storm hitting Amsterdam, nor my flight forced to be delayed due to such weather adversities over there.

Waiting inside a plane is one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen, too warm and dry atmosphere, plus the 2 passengers next to me, 2 fuckin’ perroflautas in their 20’s, at their most bothering type. Thank God I had the Ipod, and the phone to be amused the hour and a half we had to be stopped, otherwise I’d turn rude.

Yes, Internet, I admit it, I’m a surfing rat. I have to check out any new social network which might be interesting, and if it is, I suck it dry. It’s a fact, since I’m on my own, I make much moe use of these, and perhaps I’m an addict, but I’m a learning addict, who also  gets acquainted with new stuff and new people from all around the world, don’t think it’s so wrong at the end of the day.

Thus, during this hour and a half, I informed Sofia on the delay, greeted a friend through a private conversation, TT’d, made jokes on flutedogs and took a picture. Addict or not addict, with the mobile, this time passed in a flash.

On a different subject, please let me tell you what a perroflauta/flutedog type is, in case you’re not acquainted with this label. Politics aside, although it’s to be remarked their extreme left wing trend, they reckon to belong to anti-everything movements. I’d say, generally speaking, and please note my joking tone, approx 98% are into dope smoking. Despite their public hatred towards consumerism, a huge percentage of them owns not only mobile phones, but BB’s Iphone’s, Mac products, and I’m not talking about clothes, because that is ridiculous. Too much pose I find in them. I know, sometimes I’m zero tolerant, and haven’t been in contact with this people for long time, but this couple, they pissed me off the whole flight. At the end of the day, I don’t give a shit about the world around me as long as I can live my life without being bothered.

My thoughts on the perroflautas have been suddenly interrupted and erased after passing a heavy metal turbulence area. We’ve jumped, a lot, I swear. Listening to Lost and Found by Rich Robinson, one of my personal favorites, they’ve been the most exciting 2 minutes I’ve experienced lately. People nervous and uncomfortably smiling and staring at others aiming to show (false) calm and temper, believe me when I tell you there’s been a moment we were all shitting on our pants. I might be a bit morbid on this regard, because I thought what I was listening wasn’t a so bad soundtrack to die with, and memories of that classic scene of the plane from Almost Famous came to my mind.


  1. Not that I have an internet addiction (hum…) but now at work we are making a Community Manager course and all of a sudden I’m the smartest kid around!…

  2. Perroflautas… Sacan lo peor que hay en mí! Es algo irracional, de hecho, casi nunca voy por Gràcia por puros prejuicios perroflauticos, como para tener que coincidir con ellos en un avión… Te compadezco!

    • Ya somos dos, antes frecuentaba Gràcia más, pero no, no es my cup of tea.

      El viajecito del otro día me pilló totalmente desentrenada… aun con la música a todo trapo y leyendo un libro me era complicadísimo concentrarme. Hablando en plata, les hubiera metido un par de hostias a cada uno. Si, soy una intolerante.

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