A bit late, but still February the 6th in the US, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to wish a happy 50 birthday to one of the main icons in my personal universe, and quite a character, Mr. William Axl Rose, aka W.A.R, aka William Bruce Bailey…

Yeah! The last greatest frontman, that ginger guy who used to be the most dangerous guy in the world, a genius, a nutter, histrionic, hysteric, a divo, beyond good and evil, has turned 50 today.

Times of the Ritz and Appetite for Destruction are long gone, still he’s managed to survive, and still receive very remarkable  attention and media coverage, and we, the diehard fans, to enjoy our fix of Axl.

Despite all the redlocks, controversy generated, fights and other stuff, Axl is one in a million, and I will keep on writing down his birthday in the calendar year after year. He and Guns n’ Roses changed my life, and for that, I owe him respect, regardless.

Happy Birthday Axl! Keep on Snake Dancing with Miss Brownstone!

2 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY W.A.R!

  1. “Old at heart, but I’m only 28…” Axl wrote in “Estranged”… and now has 50 years!! I remember when I heard that line for the first time when I was 16 years old and I was a teenager fanatic of Guns N’ Roses. And I also remember the impact that phrase caused on me when I was 28 years old… and I felt a bit like Axl hahaha. Well, just a little bit, we are talking about Axl, that is God. Now I’m a little bit older and I still feel the the same for that damn bastard: admiration for doing always what what you have always wanted (although anyone doesn’t agree or think you’re crazy), love and hate (yeah) for your bizarre path… but always unconditional loyalty!!

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