Last night I crushed on my bed after reading the shocking news: Whitney Houston had passed away.

What can I say? This kind of news sometimes affects me more than the awful economic situation we’re currently passing through in our country. I know, on this regard I prefer living in ignorance, otherwise I’d get mad, would buy an UZI machine gun and go out for a walk as D-Fens Foster in Falling Down.

I’ve never been Whitney’s fan at all, but always respected her stunning voice, and gotta admit I’ve always liked her, for no particular reason.

Remember the first time I saw her on TV, singing I Wanna Dance with Somebody, with that impossible  80’s look, her terrific hairdo, and her super smile. That song always gave me the good vibes, and he seemed a cool girl. Let’s remark I was 10, and Axl Rose nor Johnny Thunders were in my life yet, heheh!

Whitney went on with her career, and I grew up, separating our ways. Some single came to my ears, and of course I got sick of the Bodyguard main theme, I Will Always Love You, for obvious reasons.  Yet, I kept on respecting her, for she stood firm only focusing on her talented voice rather than showing flesh, as many other R&B artists who ended up performing videclips pretending to be the biggest and highest class bitches on Earth. Arggh, disgusting! Of course she had a contract with a monster record company, and videos always featured her beautiful features, but always avoiding the tendency for cheap sensuality.

Her love story with Bobby Brown was close to Ike & Tina’s rather to the Bodyguard romanticism. Domestic violence, infidelity, money issues, arguments and quarrels and drugs, were constant in their lives, and probably his, wasn’t the best influence for her. Media talked about lawsuits, we saw court trials…but at the end of the day, seemed that she couldn’t live without him. She had everything and everyone in case she wanted to get away from him. It took her too long to file for divorce in 2007.

I turned into a fan of her character when I read on the newspapers she got arrested for 2kg weed possession in a flight, coming back from Jamaica, and she argued it was for personal consumption. Sorry, she became my heroine right away. Then all the buzz regarding her drug habits and addictions to cocaine, crack and weed were made public, and it didn’t something new, she had developed a taste for getting stoned years before.

At this point the drugs issue comes to my head. How many artists do we know who’ve been playing with drugs? Hundreds! However, depending on their established position worldwide or in terms of sales the treatment these people receive, changes radically.

I’m listening to Johnny Thunders right now. Not many comments are necessary, we all know he was a junkie. As fans, do we finger point at him? Not really. Rock involves drugs, so we the fans just assume as part of the creativity and personality of our heroes. Ah! This doesn’t apply to people performing “respectable” music, whose fame and established position involves, awards, a huge record company supporting them, and many companies and people depending on them. The drug issue, until Amy Winehouse appeared on stage, was kind of tabu, then with her and Pete Doherty, companies and media realized addictions were profitable.

Whitney Houston was an addict. I think someone tried to stop her unsuccessfully , but she didn’t really wanted to quit. Perhaps, on the other hand, being stoned helped to handle her better. Who knows?

Those videos uploaded on the net from her last tour showed the truth, not only she didn’t care about her physical appearance, but also her voice was ruined for good. What I cannot really understand, who was the suicide promoter who carried out this epic failure, considering her physical and singing conditions were terrible.

All these questions keeping me busy this morning, eventually reminded me on an act performed by Doug Stanhope, this sharp American standup comedian I discovered few time ago. Stanhope questions about early death of the artists, using Kurt Cobain’s suicide as the starting point. Was he too young to die? His point was interesting, what if he already enjoyed and experienced everything he wanted and he got pissed of with living the same, subject to media and companies pressure for who-the-hell-knows-how-many-years? I’m not pro-suicide, no way, but he made this point I find particularly meaningful and extensive to other cases.

Was Whitney Houston too young? Perhaps she had lived, succeeded, taken drugs, been mom and wife time enough as to feel her life fulfilled… so her gradual self-destruction and decline had a reason. In any case, we will never know.

Let’s get ready for all the mourning, compilations and massive Whitney Houston’s revival, some people are willing to take profit from, right now hands rubbing at their luxury offices.

I can only wish Whitney enjoyed the life she really wanted, and will rest in peace wherever she’s right now.

Ah! I canot forget to send my fully condolences to Patrick Bateman for the loss, one of her super fans. I found very inspiring what Bret Easton Ellis twitted last night:

Whitney Houston: Yes, somewhere tonight Patrick Bateman is weeping, shocked but not surprised, and ordering three hookers instead of two…

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