It’s amazing how fast time runs. One year ago I had recently started to write here on regular basis, and one of the first posts was related to St. Valentine’s day.

I’m glad and find it kind of funny this old post, St Valentine’s Day? My Ass!, is being visited massively these hours.

So here we are again, everything is red and hearted today, sales targets are focused on you surprising your girl or boy giving them perfumes, spa massages, wallets, books, jewels… to prove your unconditional love. That-Is-Bull-shit!

In fact, bullshit for many reasons.

On one hand, the same arguments I provided last year regarding the stupidity of setting a date in particular shared worldwide to celebrate love among couples, are still valid, and I will defend and support them for good, no matter the status of my love life. St. Valentine’s day shouldn’t exist. Period!

In a different level, not only this celebration is stupid, but also really hypocrite. Well, birthdays and anniversaries in general imply many times a falseness component. It’s like in this particular day our love rules over the world, arguments vanish for 24 hours, and everything is tenderness and kindness. The ugly truth, as I’ve seen in many cases, is that, once this special day is over, routine takes the ride, and worse, if situation at home is not at its best, arguments and quarrels strike back. You think of it, and it’s a huge waste of time.

I don’t intend to spread a pessimistic message by this, only to express that I’ve seen many couples breaking, much infidelity and terrible dramas around lately, no kidding. All these sad stories affect me in different way, with more or less intensity, usually arising a feeling of frustration and impotence, finding myself in a state of shock. Really,forget about the heart shaped chocolate boxes and focus on your relationships and people you love, on a daily basis, for fuck’s sake! Remember what Pearl Jam used to sing about? State of Love and Trust? This can only be achieved by effort, perseverance, LOYALTY, and understanding. If some of these features are missing, stop thinking in depth what’s going on in your relationship, for your own sake, and for your partner’s.

One year after my anti St Valentine’s day outburst, how does Toi feel about it? Pretty much the same, but glad there’s a wave of this day haters, which makes me feel a bit more relieved. Perhaps, the fact that I’ve been enjoying my current bachelor status has settled me and I don’t feel so much anger, and also I haven’t been exposed to so much media bombing. Truth is that this is also turning into a fashion thing, but you know my disgust towards the Cuteness and Cakeness, so I feel closer to this negative party.

I reconfirm I believe in a thing called love, yes, reckon I do. I’m still the romantic girl I used to be, and keep on feeling these butterflies in my belly from time to time. Perhaps you, stranger,who smiles at me, can cause I’m melting inside. I’m not desperate, it’s just a matter of time, and I’m not in a hurry, the longer it takes to find you, the more healed my scars and wounds will be, thus all is well.

Oh my next boy
Will be nothing like my ex-boy
I made mistakes back then
I’ll never do it again
With my next boy
He’ll be nothing like my ex-boy
It was a painful dance
And I got a second chance

One thing is for sure, I won’t celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day!  😉

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