It had been too long time since any weird incident had happened to me, and it was time Life reminded me that we are in the fuckin’ jungle: I was tried to get stolen last night.

Aaah! I hate it! I was talking on the phone with my mother on my way home, when all of a sudden  a couple interrupted my conversation warning me someone had tried to sneak into my bag right behind me. Yes, this is something funny enough to remark, they told me, once the bastard had gone leaving no trace to identify him.

Truth is I didn’t see anyone nor  notice any weird movement in my bag,  but really was in shock, because the damn pickpocket could only had approached me while I was on the subway stairs to the exit. The first thought was “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”, and took me few seconds to reset my mind as to check any possible catastrophe.

I was actually carrying two bags, my Snoopy’s shopping bag (sack style) I found  in Japan, and a paper bag full of coffee capsules I had bought. Perhaps the  asshole thought Snoopy’s was a great catch and try to find a treasure…but he wasn’t so lucky this time and left empty handed. The reason is that due to the huge capacity of the bag, I tend to gather much stuff inside, and well, if I had taken a picture of I was carrying yesterday you’d be amazed: another paper bag, globes, my agenda, wallet, the glasses case, a magazine, a bra (yes, I know)… so many obstacles weren’t the best conditions for a pickpocket to have access to valuable stuff, so he was fucked up, while I was lucky.

Through the years I’ve experienced several thefts of mobiles mainly, and a couple of bags too, usually not involving personal ID and credit cards. I’ve been targeted in the biggest cities I’ve lived in, being Barcelona awful on this regard. In terms of attempts of assaults, been close to drama a couple of times in London. You know what I’m talking about, I’m a girl, and I’m not joking at all right now.

You know what’s the worst thought  I have from yesterday? As you can imagine it hasn’t to do with anything close to post-traumatic stress disorder, because what happened last night, actually didn’t happen, if you know what I mean, but yes, somehow memories related to certain episodes which made me experienced uneasy times came back.

My concern has to do with vulnerability and exposure to danger, and the streets of the city I’m currently living, not being safe enough anymore. I don’t like the idea I have to be 200% watching over my shoulder to avoid something might happen.

I had almost forgotten about all this, enjoying one of these long and calm periods of time you’re just not really aware of what’s going on around you. Those times are over, and I’ll be on alert, because I don’t want my fate to be disturbed and distorted by a third person’s shitty acts.

Once again, the was the perfect song to sum up the moment, quite obvious indeed, but it’s impossible not to think of Axl saying   “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby, and you’re gonna die!”

2 responses to “PICKPOCKETS, GO TO HELL!

  1. Ouch, glad nothing happened! The only time I’ve been close to a pickpocket was in BCN, actually, in a vegetarian restaurant, and he was not lucky either (my friend had her purse hanging in the back of her chair and she noticed something was going on, so he just left quickly). I’m sure it happens in many big cities, but I’m very conscious of it when I’m in BCN, basically because my friends are always “scolding” me to be careful. They warn me about all kinds of stuff, since I move around totally clueless, as if I were in my city (where this kind of stuff doesn’t really happen). So yeah, fuck them! 😉

    • I’m one of those who always emphasizes to be alert in Barcelona, moreover, in certain areas I’m extremely careful, but yesterday apparently.

      You’d flip in Japan, people leaving their bags unattended at a cafe during their toilet procedures…and nothing happened!!!

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