Have you noticed I’m updating this blog really late? Ok, this is the kind of thing completely irrelevant, and considering some of you come from the US, you’d never be aware of. But yes, I’m in Spain, and my last updates are being performed super late. I wouldn’t notice either if I hadn’t checked the blog via mobile, but I did, and saw at least 4-5 of the latest posts had been updated at 2AM. Also a couple of friends asking if I slept anytime made me be concerned.

Do you sleep well? How many hours? This is something I’m enquiring most lately, I’m curious about people’s sleeping habits because I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy regarding mine. Not that I’m tired and completely sleepless, but, let’s say sleeping is not my favorite pastime at all, and possibly I’m trespassing the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

Whenever I’ve been living on my own, sleeping has become more a physiological need, equal as peeing or well…you all know. Each time less frequently I find absolute pleasure in sleeping 8-10 hours one night, in fact, in case this happens, because I’m so wasted my body says it’s enough, I feel kind of frustrated and upset, thinking I’ve wasted some precious time…

When living in London 5 hours were the average sleeping hours, same for the past year and a half.  Why should I force myself to sleep more? My point is this. I have to dedicate 8-9 hours a day to paid tasks in order to feed and get dough, to afford both my obligations and pleasures. Ok, it’s assumed, and I’m ok with that. But what happens when I’m off work? Something very simple, I start living. This is, meeting people, listening to music, watching movies, blogging, ball scratching…anything is possible. Now that I’m attending yoga classes twice a week, the day starts at 10..imagine! at 1am Toi is on fire, literally.

I’ve realized I find inspiration for writing when nobody bothers me, because I get easily distracted by all the notification alerts on FB, Twitter, phonecalls… from 9 till 12 social activity reaches its peak, thus it’s impossible I can be productive, unless I’m watching a movie or some series episode.

Then everything is calm, I love listening to music super low, accompanied by the clicking of the wasted keyboard. I love that feeling really.

What I write about usually doesn’t take me much time, but it’s the images I want to attach, what occupies most of my blogging time. Many of them are mine, I mean, I took the photographs, and some others I have to surf in search of by the net. I can spend hours checking pictures just for pleasure, as I told you once, I love the images… Therefore, it’s selection of images, and most of times a bit of editing, size, color balance, exposure, contrast… I want my posts look acceptable.

To sum up, on an average day, I socialize till 12-1, then start writing, to finally smarten up the topic and post it… All of a sudden it’s quarter past two, and I’m not sleepy, but gotta go to bed, cause I’m waking up in less than 5 hours.

I’m always been a bit of a night owl, and I’m positive quitting smoking has a direct impact on this funny insomnia I’m enjoying so much. Should I take pills and quit coffee? Perhaps, but I stand for the natural and radical way, this is, I will eventually collapse and sleep nonstop for a whole week. In the meantime, I will keep on amusing you at weird hours. Is that Ok?


  1. That is pretty much ok. 😉
    I’m a night owl too. Feel like sleeping is missing time for a million things I want to do, read, learn…
    At the same time, I love sleeping and I have no trouble falling asleep as soon as I get in bed so…
    I try to sleep at least 7 hours. Less hours and my body screams at me and my health goes down the drain.
    When I was in my 20’s-30’s I got many episodes of sleep paralysis (http://dreamsnightmares.com/sleepparalysis.html) from sleep deprivation. NOT FUN. I’ve learned to manage it now.

    • Sorry to reply so late… Sleep paralysis sounds awful to me! I’d get mad if something like that happened to me!

      As you know by now, I eventually crushed, and massive flu took over me, so problem sorted out. However, I talked to the doctor yesterday, and she told me insomnia as a cut-smoking withdrawal sympthom is not so rare, and I should endure till my body adapts to the current situation without recurring to sleeping pills.

      Now that fever is dropping, I don’t need to sleep more than 5 hours again. Weird!

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