I remember when my granny used to tell me that, the older I got, the faster time would pass by. She, as in many other things, was completely right, and sometimes I do feel very scared, as I see my life slipping out my control.

Some day very soon, I will tell you about one of last inspirations, Bill Hicks, the stand-up comedian, but in the meantime, I will quote a sentence that is coming to my mind almost on a daily basis: “I’m running out of time”.

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you people were inquiring after my sleeping routine, sounding a bit worried about my heath ? Have you realized it happened as I predicted?  Eventually, I knew I was gonna crush, and that’s what happened last week…human body is a perfect engine after all, don’t you think?

Perhaps because my inactivity was so remarkable due to flu killing effects on me, and now that I’m getting back in business, this week comments and inquiries are related to my proactivity. Yes dears, apparently I’m a very active person, however I disagree, my constant feeling is that I’m great at wasting my time, which could be better optimized.

I don’t know whether I’m being conceit right now, nor how to call this exercise, but since I did it last month, I feel like repeating writing a list of the most remarkable achievements and activities done these last 29 days.

February, the shortest month of the year, however a tough one, still carrying the heavy burden of Xmas, and some of you of sales, on our backs, it’s not a very funny month.

1. Amsterdam and Rich Robinson. Truth is not all months you can start enjoying a flash trip to an European city with the major purposes of visiting a friend and attending a show of one f the core members of The Black Crowes. I feel very pleased and grateful to Sofia first, and to Rich Robinson  too. On the other hand, I’m actually quite proud of writing and then  transcribing visits and memories of those days to this blog, in order to share such moments with you.  And finally, the opportunity to collaborate with Popular 1 Rock Magazine by reviewing the show is, once again, an honor.

2. Considering I’m terrible at special occasions in terms of outfitting, I’m also glad that, thanks to my new fashion expert counselor, Eulàlia, I already got the perfect dress for my friend Artemio’s wedding. Cannot reveal the outfit yet, because he might peep, and it’s a surprise. You might wonder this has to be taken as a surprise. Well, believe me when I say I’d never looked so feminine in my entire life, so yes, we can make of this the event of the year. And hey! I dig, I look fine 🙂

Also, we also have the wedding present ready, and it’s a very special and amazing one, but again, it cannot yet be posted, or the surprise, and this is to be a surprise, would be ruined. What I can advance is that it’s exclusive and unique, as Artie and Mayra are, and that we, Kiko, Agnès and I, have thought of it with utmost love and tenderness.

I know you ain¡t suffering from panic attacks, but from here, you’ll be duly acquainted with The Rock n’ Roll Wedding.

3. I’m super glad and excited for being confirmed, while I was in Amsterdam, of an appointment I’ve got with Miss Arianna Settembrino in Rome, at Swan Song Tattoo, in mid April, to get one of her incredible pieces inked. I already talked about her super pro work. Positive she’s one of the current best tattoo artists in Europe. I really can’t wait to see the piece on my right forearm. It’s not that I’m wealthy all of a sudden, but referring to the subject I started this post with, time’s running and we have to take the chances as they come. We’ll worry about money afterwards.

4. Dj’n Session @ Psycho R’n’R Club. Can’t add anything to what I’ve already said about these sessions. First, I can play my own music out loud  in a bar, get free drinks, I’m surrounded by friends and people in party and dancing mood, and in this case, Psycho boys, who always make me feel at home…Can’t get enough of dj’n!

5. Very proud about being invited to write for Norma Jean Magazine. First assignment was a review on Shame, Steve McQueen’s controversial film, featuring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. Hopefully more posts to come.

Even though I don’t think this fact has to be added to the list, I’d like to remark that it’s been 6 weeks since I quitted smoking, not yielding. To be honest, I don’t feel better nor worse, I don’t miss smoking most of time, but I’m still sleeping weird.

Hopefully I will add a new activity I finished February carrying out, next month. I’ve recovered my rollerskates, so I can refresh my poor knowledge of inline skating, and improve my skills. Now that Spring is almost here, and weather is smothering, it’s time to hit the road, and start enjoying some activities outdoors, once and for all.

And yes, I also purchased my blog domain so Since My Baby Left Me has now its own identity. Really glad about it!

Such has been February to me, a bit shaken by flu last week, but a good month after all. how ‘s been your February?


  1. (you are like a remote, separate half of me… we don’t always like the same things, but we are so similar in the way we pursue those things…)

    From what I see, you do a lot of stuff, but I totally understand what you say, it happens to me all the time as well. People tell me “you have a lot of things in your head! how do you find the time?” and yet I feel I could do more stuff…

    Congratulations on purchasing your own web domain and your collaboration with Norma Jean. Yay!

    • Sharing same feeling towards you, Cris, the more I’m getting to know you, the more positive I think we could be very good friends, I’m serious.

      I’m really proud of both my collaborations and this blog, actually the closest thing to a journal I ever had, thus your compliments are much appreciated.

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