Today is the International Women’s Day. You know what I think of this kind of commemorative days, right? Saint Valentine’s, Gay Pride, Labor Day… ah, c’mon! This is bullshit and you know it.

I’m completely  against the celebration of the Women’s Day, and this does not mean that I despise being a woman, by all means,  in fact for some time already I’m proud of my femininity, BUT, in capital letters, accepting this day in my opinion implies supporting, not that I belong to a minority, but the archaic conception of being inferior than men, and at this point, needless to say I don’t agree with such stupid idea.

Dear friends and readers, do you really consider I’m below a man? Do I still have to prove I have more balls than some guys and that I’m struggling for my status on a daily basis? Is it necessary to show I have cultural and musical concerns? Isn’t already it clear I have thoughts of my own? To sum up, assuming my insanity and personal issues, I can say I’m a normal human being, therefore, don’t feel like celebrating  such triviality.

I’m not starting a discussion on feminism either, it’s too tiring, and probably I’d disappoint many people here. Just a quick and simple remark. I do respect all the goals achieved in previous years, by women struggling to find a deserved place in society, of course, but I disagree with many current arguments and philosophies quite often as to avoid talking about topics related. Beside, I’m into Rock, one of the most misogynist scene in life, and I’ve learnt to adapt and enjoy, without feeling excluded. Enjoying Guns N’ Roses, Kiss and Elvis… I can’t say I’m a good feminist, correct?

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