The ’59 Sound is one of my favorite albums in the last years, and The Gaslight Anthem one of the bands nowadays I respect most.

As far as I can remember, I told you a bit about this album, when I started this project of blog and diary of my life, and I’m positive I already told you my friend Artemio was the responsible for I had a crush on the New Jersey tattooed boys.

I love this album for many reasons. What attracted me first was simply the music, the rhythm and dynamism of every track, following an order carefully and very conveniently arranged. Brian Fallon’s Telecaster guitars, and Alex Rosamilia‘s outstanding arrangements, bass lines resembling Social Distortion and The Replacements, and that smell of classic Bruce Springsteen, even though I don’t dig much, are very appealing. Then it’s the lyrics. I love the story telling in songs. The Gaslight Anthem tell stories in their songs, same as Drive-By Truckers, which in some cases you feel related to. And these guys, referring to the good ol’ times, enhance the classic American icons: vintage cars, girls, diners, tattoos, broken hearts… I close my eyes and see Rumble Fish gang boys.

I’ve also noticed this band doesn’t leave people indifferent, either you love them or hate them, not radically, yet remarkable.

I’m not writing about this album as the chosen for the week, because whenever I get hooked to it, I can be listening to it incessantly for weeks. Right now I’m passing through one of these Gaslight seasons.

You might think I’m crazy, and I won’t argue at all. Being such a  romantic girl, Spring is my season. Don’t aim to sound desperate, because I’m not, but, with such weather, who doesn’t want to be in love? I know the whole season is still ahead and many things can happen, but friends, it’s gonna be the second official Spring on my own (I could even say this is the third, as the Spring’10  was a nonstop nightmare), and prospects are not very promising, to tell you the truth.

This is the thing, I love Spring, but once I assume I’m to be by myself, I get disturbed by the increasing amount of visible couples sprouting mushrooms like. And would love to kill. Nah! I’m just kidding, this bloodbath feeling has vanished with the passing of years.

Ha! Now you’re wondering what the f**k Spring has to do with The Gaslight Anthem and why I’m telling you all this.

For whatever reason I relate The ’59 Sound to Spring, so to Love consequently. I discovered this album when I was still in love for real, in Spring. Stupid references my mind makes up to get me crazier every day, what can I say.

Last year I had a crush on someone for more time than convenient, whom, due to his old school  appearance (high top sneakers and sailor tattoos) and passion for rock, I easily connected to this album, and to certain songs in particular. I know, I know, I know…  the fact that he was a friend didn’t help to work things out. Wrooong! Never mix friendship with intimate affairs, it seldom works, plus you take things for granted, especially regarding behavior, which can easily turn against you. Yep, he’s still my friend, but something has changed. No arguments, no big fuzz, just disenchantment. Guess I thought of a friend who could understand me, could occupy the vacant in my heart, but I didn’t think of my scars still present, still healing. And why not? Forgive me if I sound pretentious, I deserve better, and if that’s not possible, prefer nothing.

This silly crush arose in Winter, to die in the middle of Spring, and the soundtrack for all these contradictory feelings was The ’59 Sound. Fortunately I’m convinced that music is the most loyal comrade, thus one year after this episode which, believe me, didn’t hurt nor impact too much, taking it more as an anecdote, I’m recovering these bunch of songs, which evoke me stories at the drive-ins, with boys in leather jackets, and pin up looking girls, and I dream of a guy taking me to a Ferris Wheel , and telling me that If I never let him go, well he will never let me down… And I sigh!

And can’t wait till the end of Spring (ha!) for the upcoming new album of this band, to be named Handwritten, already cooked and currently in the oven for production. Never enough of The Gaslight Anthem.

2 responses to “THE ’59 SOUND OF LOVE, IN SPRING

  1. bueno, de los Gaslight Anthem tengo el “American Slang”, que aún gustándome, nunca me ha llegado a enganchar (de momento)… por lo que cuentas, me equivoqué, y el bueno era el anterior… en fin, la próxima vez. En lo que a relacionar bandas con las estaciones del año, me ocurre a menudo. Mark Lanegan es invierno, por razones obvias. Jane’s Addiction son verano. The Doors también son verano, esas noches de calor pegajoso e insomnio de Julio. Y Chris Isaak es finales de verano.

    • Hay gente a la que le fascina American Slang, de hecho fue disco de alguna semana por aquí. Me gusta mucho, pero lo cierto es que al principio si que me dejó un poco fría. Creo sinceramente que es de estos que van gananado con las escuchas. Hay que ser paciente, o hacer algo que ya poco practicamos, que es devorar los discos y machacarlos, como cuando comprar uno implicaba quedarnos sin paga 2-3 semanas.

      Anyway, si, The ’59 Sound tiene algo que me caló hondo desde el principio, como un amor a primera vista, como las bandas o discos que hoy por hoy adoro, que a la primera ya piensas “qué barbaridad!”.

      Lo de las estaciones del año y la música en mi caso es de escándalo. Para mayo o así volveré a dar el coñazo con FLC, en Agosto celebrará el 35 aniversario de la muerte de Elvis, volveré a pensar en los Jayhawks en otoño-invierno… y así con todo. Este invierno ha sido muy Screaming Trees, por cierto. Supongo que no puede ser de otra manera. El detalle de Isaak en Septiembre me parece muy adecuado.

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