TV sucks. Period. Once this been said, gotta admit I feel fascination for one of the crappiest reality shows ever broadcasted: Alaska and Mario.

Despite all the efforts of becoming a first category country, in terms of culture, design, fashion… the fact that we lived subject to a dictatorship for about 40 years, isolated from the rest of the world, is a stigma and a burden we’ll never get rid of. S-pain is a country characterized by its narrow thinking. We have lots of prejudices, misjudge by appearances, and love gossip.

Media  has focused on crappy public characters as the icons to follow nowadays, based on the who-got-laid-by-who philosophy, under the false bait of them being common and plain characters, this is, street people. In my most arrogant mood, I feel way over, and super distant from those following and worshipping them. Yes, I feel superior, what can I say?

Last week I was talking about Loewe last campaign and all the controversy those posh kids pretending to be to super modern, IN and transgressor. Alaska and Mario are the other way round.

Alaska is a very established icon, the queen of trash and kitsch, and actually our most popular punk figure. Back in the 80’s she was a misfit for real. For whatever reason beyond my comprehension, fate has been very gentle to her. She’s popular, wealthy, and socially accepted. Guess she’s always been quite intelligent and has wisely chosen who to hang out with, and no doubt her uniqueness is to be praised on this regard.

Mario comes from an average family, the typical Spanish family with all its members gathering to have traditional dinner together watching soccer and the news. But he is too clever as to manage to create a character out of himself, super gay, overly dramatic, and cheeky. Thus, his band, Nancy’s Rubias, is actually a joke, a bunch of crazy gays, worshipping high heels and punk aesthetics. The best that could happen to him is becoming acquainted with Alaska. He had the attitude, but she had the position and popularity he lacked. Once their relationship became solid, Mario started to stand out, earning some respect  working for some artists as their booking agent and personal assistant. Another example of a successful man, from rags to riches.

If I had to justify reasons to convince you that this reality show is worth watching, I wouldn’t be able to give you a conclusive one.  Just watch it.

And here it comes the moment I’m gonna be completely honest and confess why, up to date, this show has got me hooked as to cancel any plans on Wednesday, during the first season, and start a live chat on my Facebook wall commenting the show with friends.

Alaska and Mario do the fuck they want. Just face it!

We might agree or disagree, love or hate, and think they’re stupid or super clever. Nobody is forced to believe anything, audience has to reach their own conclusions.

They are not socially correct, and piss on the rules: Alaska wants bigger breasts while Mario is obsessed about being skinny. He’s a heavy beer drinker and  we all know he loves drugs, and Alaska is hooked to anxiolytics. So what?

On the other hand we’ve showed some of their limitations. None of them drive and are planning a road trip through the US West Coast, and despite their passion for the American culture, and icons, Mario speaks English like shit, but he is happy enough as to make fun of it.

Mario Vaquerizo is the core of the show. He’s the frivolity himself. A happy go lucky guy, more concerned of his wrinkles and weight than anything else in the world. All the rock people I know are jealous of his endless collection of super cool t-shirts. I know, this is the character he’s created to shock the world, and don’t think he’s as careless as he aims to transmit, but I don’t really care.

What I expect from the show is frivolity, kitsch and fun and happiness. What’s the point in watching people coexisting under extreme circumstances, or hating each other? The world is weird enough as to follow people’s real misfortunes…  Till the formula is super squeezed and exploited, which won’t take too long as far as I’m concerned, Alaska and Mario rock my world.

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