There are albums and bands which follow your track loyal and constant, as low profile. Most time you don’t need them and we could say they’re ignored, but at the end of the day you consider them as  essential as any other.

I could use Jane’s Addiction as an example. They’ve been by my side since I listened to Ritual de lo Habitual for the first time.

It gives me the creeps being able to recall that moment so accurately, because I usually remember the situations and the feelings, but I’m usually unable to locate in a timeline. Well, first time I listened to Ritual de lo Habitual was in October 1991, and it was Saturday afternoon, after my hometown fests…thus there were only two possible dates, 19th or 26th. Although Perry and Co. state that Nothin’s Shockin’, allow me to differ, at least right now.

Many factors encourage such fresh memory. I’m not sure whether I should tell you about them…bah! I can always delete what it’s out of line. (*)

October 1991 was marked by my first “serious” relationship, which lasted exactly 5 weeks, so this was the month of love, Samuel, one of the nastiest (and hottest) guys at my friend Diana’s school, put his eyes on me, for no apparent reason and all of a sudden, for my surprise. Gotta remark we didn’t get on well, and he was this crazy heartbreaker cheating girls all the time. anyway, we were 9 regulars in the gang, the guys were living in a neighborhood far away from ours, so Diana and I had 45 minutes bus trip. We used to go there because there was a park, and Javi, Diana’s boyfriend at the time, had the flat for him and the imbecile of his sister most part of weekends. Let’s say this boy, very nice, was a problem child, and the family was quite troublesome too.

I was 15 but didn’t feel like drinking yet (it took me month more only), didn’t smoke and wasn’t interested in joints either, but there was something I liked a lot, and I was responsible for buying it at the chemist’s, on behalf of my friends. It was Cloretilo, a liquid local anesthetic, used for sports injuries, and a hell of a flipping downer when inhaled, kind of popper effect, if you want to relate to something. We’re not angels when teenagers, right?

Anyway. Saturday afternoons, we were gathering at Javi’s, listening to music, couples cuddling and all that light typical petting. Right there we started the tradition of listening to Ritual de lo Habitual nonstop, because we all loved the initial speech, performed by Cindy Lair, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was like an anthem, a declaration of principles. You remember?

Señoras y Señores

Nosotros tenemos más influencia con  sus hijos que tu tiene

Pero los queremos…

Creado y regado, de Los Angeles

Juana’s Adicción

We dug the sentence saying Jane’s Addiction were more influential than our parents. Funny to think of it now, because, except for the kid in the house, most of us came from average families and some of the kids from wealthy ones…

Our favorite songs were Stop and Been Caught Stealing, but I remember one day, a bit high on Cloretilo, listening to Three Days, and feeling like floating. It was awesome!

The Ritual de lo Habitual Saturday afternoons lasted a couple of weeks more, because Sam fucked it up and started kissing a girl right in my face, so I must credit him to be the first guy who ever broke my heart. You might laugh, but I had a bad time and started drinking alcohol on weekends. We were staying at Javi’s and yelling Stop intro, but it wasn’t the same anymore, so eventually we stop doing it and changed routines and places.

People disappeared and were substituted, but Jane’s Addiction were meant to be in my life. It really didn’t take long time to get acquainted with a diehard fan, Beatriz, a friend from school who was in love with Perry Farrell. Same as with this band, she’s always been around. I’d say she game me my first copy of the album in cassette…

Last week I had the need of Ritual de lo Habitual, and as I was listening I could only think this album is amazing, and has enormous  strength and power. Perhaps with current tools and devices, sound could have been more enhanced and developed. Still, when revisiting Obvious, Then She Did…, Classic Girl, I feel overwhelmed, and completely hooked to Farrell’s mermaid singing.

I’ve always related excess, drugs, and mayhem to this band, and I’m still having the same opinion. Perhaps the singer has to do with it, but let’s admit it, they’re unique in many senses and what they transmit is beyond normal.  Ritual de Lo Habitual is over the top, beyond a good album with great songs, it’s got something really addictive, and filthy I can’t resist. It’s one of these timeless treasures, which hasn’t lost its essence over the years. Still as charming as the first time I listened to it more than 20 years ago. I fuckin’ love it!

(*) I didn’t edit anything, if you don’t like what’s written here, regarding Cloretilo of my ridiculous loving experience, I (don’t) apologize.


  1. Descubri a Jane’s Adicttion por casualidad en un lejano 1990, pedi por correo a Discoplay el disco de Little caesar en vinilo y en el pedido por error también me Incluyeron una copia del “Nothing Shocking”, sinceramente le pegue dos escuchas y poco más, para mi universo hard eso era muy raro, primer error. En 1991 cuando se acercaron a mi ciudad una tarde de Domingo servidor no se interso en ir a verlos, tenia una cita de adolescencia esa misma tarde y le dí prioridad, segundo error. Cuando la banda desaparecio, puse remedio a mis dos errores, recupere el disco que hoy en día tengo firmado por la banda, y me volque en ellos, los he escuchado el resto de mi vida, de mi cita de esa tarde ni me acuerdo!!!! saludos

    • Los errores de juicio que se cometen en la adolescencia podrían dar para muchos posts, la verdad. Como comentaba empecé por Ritual de lo Habitual. Nothing’s Shocking aún tardaría unos años. Otro discazo que me flipa y que cuando lo escucho me produce una sensación de placer brutal.

  2. I don’t have any particular memories of this album, except maybe how provocative that cover was, and how much I loved “Been caught stealing” (both the song and the video, haha). Great album.

    • The cover is classic! I got a friend who’s got the censored edition in vinyl, some kind of treasure. Nothing’s Shocking was also a stunning cover.

      My dad used to love Been Caught Stealing video too…it was pretty funny, andmy friend Beatriz’s dog always used to bark with that song, hahahah

      • The dog barking, yes! Haha! I must have that vinyl with the original cover, at my parent’s, because I don’t have a cd… (I always tell my family that if I die, they could make some money with my records and magazines. It’s not just worthless junk… I have the Rock City Angels Young Man Blues double gatefold album, which has been sold for pretty nice money…)

      • Wow! Quite uncommon album indeed. I remember the article written by Alvaro GNR on Popular 1, related to this band and their unlucky and unfair fate.

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