It was sad to remember death anniversaries on my last post, but somehow necessary. Today it’s completely the opposite.

I find appropriate quoting my favorite band’s song One in a Million, to confess something I’ve been doing for years

Some say I’m crazy, I guess I’ll always be.

I write down my personal heroes’ birthdays, especially rock artists. Guns n’ Roses, Elvis, Ryan Adams, Ginger, Glenn Danzig, Johnny Thunders

It’s midnight right now, but the 8th has been a celebration day. It’s been 50 years (OMFG!) since Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known as Izzy Stradlin, came to this world.

When you think of Guns n’ Roses, Axl and Slash come first, but many fans think beyond these two charismatic characters, the real talent was in Stradlin. He co-wrote most songs of Appetite for Destruction, and despite his departure during the Illusions era, his legacy was simply stunning.

Stradlin left Guns n’ Roses after passing through a successful  detox procedure. Once clean, the guitarist didn’t feel strong enough as to hang out in a band surrounded by drugs and alcohol, nor didn’t feel like enduring any sort of tension usually started by Axl Rose. Thinking of his departure, you soon realize it basically meant the point at which Guns n’ Roses started collapsing. Stradlin is the only Gunner who gets on well with everyone, including Axl, avoids polemic, lawsuits, and gossip in general. Moreover, he hasn’t published any autobiography yet, which I’m positive it’d be the most interesting and objective.

He’s never been a stunning character, in the sense that he’s never been seeking for attention. Quite the opposite, although his solo career has never stopped, and he’s delivered 11 solo albums, his success has been humble and quiet. I have to insist his two first albums are absolutely a MUST, and the rest contain very enjoyable tunes too.

Stuck to his philosophy, apparently he’s recently confirmed he’s not attending the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction on the 14th. This is sad news as many of us were dreaming of the moment the original Guns n’ Roses lineup would be together for some minutes, allowing us a second dream of the possibility of a reunion. Heard the news, we stop dreaming, and again, we realize any reunion thoughts have to be under Stradlin’s approval at the end of the day.

I still remember how much I cried, with my friends Jaume and Sofia, when he jumped onto the stage of Razzmatazz to join Velvet Revolver for a couple of songs …an evening to remember.

Considering it’s still the 8th of April in the US, I take the opportunity to wish my favorite Gunner a happy 50 birthday, and pay him tribute by listening some of his songs. Stradlin, you fuckin’ rock!


  1. Sin duda, uno de los shows de mi vida, Izzy en Zeleste 2!!!!!! y no estaba agotado¿? En que pensaba la gente en esa epoca¿? Quitando, el lado Reggae me giustan todos sus discos, sin ir más lejos “Like a Dog” es tremendo. Saludos

    • Oscar, de verdad, con respecto a cantidad y calidad de conciertos muy poca gente consigue causar en mi un sentimiento de envidia, pues creo que no es una cualidad o defecto demasiado desarrollado en mí. Sin embargo tengo que admitir que cada dos por tres, escribes algún comentario de estos que siempre me incita a decir la misma frase en voz alta: Qué cabrón!

      Izzy no fue sold out en Barcelona? Aunque no lo entienda no me sorprende. En la época todo el mundo quería a Slash y Axl, Izzy era un secundario.

      Como nota curiosa, ahora acaba de sonarle el móvil a mi padre. La melodía que lleva siempre es Ain’t It a Bitch del 117º. Temazo!

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