Easter is over. Many processions have been already ruined due to rainy days, typical tourist beach joints have also been affected by awful weather, and for many, this break has been an epic failure. Year after year, it’s always the same, however it’s curious observing  people do not learn that Easter is a terrible season. Aaaah! Humans! probably the only creatures capable of repeating the same mistakes once and once again.

Now that everyone is resuming to school, their jobs and routines, weather is finally setting and behaving gently. And this year I’m witnessing such improvement in weather condition myself, because sadly, and in the name of crisis and chart figures, the senior executives in my company have decided I’m not longer suitable for its development and requirements. To sum up, they’re not reaching targets and have considered, I am, the last one to join the branch team, expendable. What can I say? I’m not happy about it, I’ve been working nonstop for many years, thus this change of situation has been like a punch right to my fuckin’ face.

I’m not going to start complaining about the system, nor the government, and don’t feel like analyzing the country situation, which we already know it’s a shit. I’m having a break in my hometown, coinciding with my nephew Eric’s first birthday (some of you perhaps remembers the posts introducing him, one year ago), and once I’m back in Barcelona, I’ll start moving and spreading the word in order to avoid being unemployed and stopped much time. We’ll see if I’m as lucky as I was in 2010…

 In the meantime, I will follow Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ advise, and will also focus on writing, arranging the typical stuff you never have enough time to carry out (thinking of my motorbike right now), taking pictures, cooking and trying to stay as positive as possible.

Once this said, no need to remind you, I’ll be more than happy to accept any beers and good companion if you feel like giving me a call, now that I will have more free time.

And because FLC always helped me to keep in good mood, and they are the grooviest band on Earth, and now that days are getting longer and warmer, hormones seem crazier and we are in the mood for much pleasant stuff, here it’s the gift to you, friends, from an unemployed rockin’ chick, 19 tracks by Fun Lovin’ Criminals I compiled in this DiFontaine playlist, for your amusement and pleasure.

Spread the love and the word, as FLC have taught us to do, and always say Jeah!


  1. Easter, Christmas… We never learn…
    Jeah! I looooooove the FLC. 😉 I love bands who have their own world and never throw me out of it.

  2. Bonito detalle el de incluir a motorcycle boy…

    • Gracias, personalicé un poco el header, que ya tocaba. En teoría un amigo tiene pendiente diseñar algo pero, las cosas de palacio van despacio, así que mira, elegí empastar estas imágenes, y esa captura de Rumble Fish, que me encanta, surgió.

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