It’s been too long since my last post on tattoo artists. Not that I don’t many, actually it’s quite the opposite. I told you already, the power of the net overwhelms me with so much information, If I could get a piece done by every artist I get acquainted with everyday, with the consequent crush, I’d run out of flesh and look like a borron of ink. It takes some time to find good quality pix to post here so you can have a clear picture of why I like this or that artist.

Joe Ellis’ work has captivated me at a single glance. This Newcastle-Upon-Tyne artist is only 23, but his skills and style correspond to an established professional.

His traditional style, the shades and the color palette used, provide his pieces of an ancient and very evoking appearance, but don’t mistake, his work is solid and amazing.

I read in an interview published on Renee Ruin in February, he’s been tattooing for a year more or less. This is shocking. First time I saw his pieces on Tumblr, 4-5 months ago, I was totally impressed.

He deals with the classic and the shocking sometimes. Ladies, gents, animals, objects… I’m unable to choose which I prefer, because every piece has something appealing and attractive.

I’m captivated by the glance of the creatures inked, very lively, as if transmitting some kind of feeling. Eyes are difficult in my opinion, in the sense of providing them with intensity, however Ellis is capable of reflecting something charming.

When you discover such amazing works and designs, you stop thinking of tattoos as some kind of ornament and accessory, and start looking for talent, and reckoning the possibility of being honored by carrying a masterpiece of art till the day you die.

You might be scared of tattoos, the needle, the fact that it’s permanent, and don’t come to me and remark the tattoo removal procedure, because I don’t believe in that, nor do not remind me of me getting old, cause I know about it. Look at these pictures, then look into my eyes, and tell me that this is not a work of art. No, you can’t, I knew it.

Joe Ellis has been added to my wish list. He works at Cock a Snook Tattoo Parlour, and I’m pretty sure eventually I’ll pay him a visit. I want the best, and positive, he already is and will be reckoned as one of the best.

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