Today is the third Saturday of April, which means the Record Store Day is celebrated worldwide.

You know I hate all these “Days of”, but perhaps this could be considered an exception, as it’s a celebration of something I feel attached to.

The idea, of course conceived by an American guy, Chris Brown, in 2007, was to celebrate the art of music. I thought this was celebrated in June, as there’s a Day of Music, but this April day, is more an appeal to support and protect independent record stores and labels, which nowadays are extinguishing due to downloads, mall stores, and internet stores. Once again evolution means to step over tradition.

My feelings are in conflict. On one hand I love physical record shopping when everything’s arranged and displayed easy and comfortable to me, so I can be digging looking for treasures for hours. When I feel uneasy at a record store, I’m unable to focus, eventually getting exasperated. On the other hand, money talks, sad but true. Which option would you choose if you can purchase TSOOL’s last album via Amazon for 9Eur/USD/Yen or for 15-18 at a record store? Cough, cough, cough! If you’re not in a hurry, there’s an outstanding difference.

How many CD’s and/or vinyls you buy a year? I haven’t counted how many I purchased last year, but according to my ex working pals, half Amazon. Amazon, Play, Second Spin, local stores, other cities’ stores to drop by to check if there’s something worth buying, and you always find THAT something, especially at stores overseas… I’m not justifying nor apologizing, but let’s say 2011 I welcomed around 100 items… saving 3-4-5-6-7-10 Euros it’s something I have to consider, not because I’m greedy (just the opposite), but because I always want to have MORE!

Still I’m often visiting Revolver, my favorite record store in Barcelona, whenever I feel in hunting mood, and it’s impossible I leave the place empty handed. I think such thing happened once, but I’m positive it was because I had flu and fever.

Thus today, it’s a great excuse to have a walk, visit some record stores, enjoy some of the activities scheduled including dj’s and performances, have a beer and support the art of music, because it is what I love most. And you should do the same too.


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