Last week was a good one in terms of music, I recovered some albums, and listened to some new stuff. Well, couldn’t be other way, considering I’m not working and consequently I can add 8-10 hours to my personal amusement, so most tasks I spend my time carrying out, are accompanied with some music.

5 weeks remaining to see The Afghan Whigs at Primavera Sound Festival, I’m passing though a Dulli stage, thus I’m swallowing all the Whigs, Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins, and solo stuff.

Few months ago I told you about my weird experience attending a show of The Afghan Whigs in London, 1999, and Black Love, probably their most remarkable and praised album, together with Gentlemen.

This time I want to talk about 1965, actually my favorite album of The Whigs, and perhaps a bit underrated, something I really cannot comprehend.

The starter of the album, Somethin’ Hot,  is as effective as the ignition of the match right at the beginning, simply powerful. And yes, it is VERY hot indeed.

After lots of hearing and thinking, I’ve reached the conclusion that I simply adore Dulli’s imperfection in his voice and melodies, something I’ve just realized that caused me trouble and displeasure years ago, so probably this was another factor which increased my weird feelings towards what I saw at the Camden Palace show. What can I say? In terms of music, and in many others, human being is not arisen enlightened, and it takes time to value and appreciate certain things. I’m telling you this right now, but I got friends who despise Dulli’s voice for the same reason I adore.

Not the only case I’ve experienced such initial rejection to finally surrender to imperfection. I used to have the same feeling towards Neil Young, see?

Moreover, after assuming and enjoying imperfection, I reached another stage regarding Dulli’s voice, combined of course with the outstanding  instrumental part of the rest of the band, I find it HOT.

There are certain tunes to be highlighted in this album moving my emotions to the peak of the mountain, so to speak, which really move me and make me feel, not only musically speaking, but also because of the message of the lyrics.

Hey… Welcome home

I got a little wine

Some Marvin Gaye

Come on and taste me,

Come on and take me, I’m yours

Melting, literally… I’d sell my soul for finding a passionate guy telling me such thing. Grrrrr!!!

Uptown Again, 66, Citi Soleil, John The Baptist… basically the whole album contains a rate of groove and sensuality  capable of breaking any meter.

Alone in the dark , better in great company…nothing can go wrong with 1965.

Completely opposite to the elegance of Dulli and company, one of the album releases which has impressed me more this year up to date. Dead Set On Living.

To be honest I didn’t expect such style and energy in these guys. My preconceived idea of this band was quite opposite, so when I was assigned to review this album for a magazine and on Sunday afternoon, half recovered from massive hangover, I played this album with the headphones at loud volume it was a fuckin’ blast!!!

R.A.T.S, the song chosen for opening the album is like a fist right into your mouth, believe me, it IS like that. Long time since I’ve had such of feeling of “Damn, What is THIS?”. Supported by the collaboration of the leader of Sacrifice, Rob Urbinati, this song as the starter is EPIC WIN.

Road Sick, the first single of Dead Set on Living, is awesome! It reminds me of Fu Manchu, kind of punk-stoner-rock, right in the middle of King of The Road and California Crossing, a road song, intense, fast and loud. Aaah! I just love it!

There’s a variety of style and rhythm in the album, with some dark songs, and other ones more catchy. Anyway, quality in compositions is a constant throughout the album. The main aim of the band was to reflect the essence and the intensity of their live performances. Recording reduced takes to the minimum to catch all the spontaneity and the harshness, as well as the limited addition of arrangements , keeping their powerful sound as much intact as possible, a hard task Cancer Bats have managed to successfully accomplish.

Dead Set On Living is the adrenaline shot we often need to face the world and all its bullshit.

The band is visiting Barcelona in May, 21st, performing only their Bat Sabbath show, the Black Sabbath tribute they started some time ago during an after-show party at Sonisphere. I’d prefer to see them playing the new tunes, but I won’t miss the chance to see them by all means, and let me tell you something, if you like headbanging and rockin’ you shouldn’t miss them if playing in your city.

*Bat Sabbath Show @ Rocksound, Barcelona

4 responses to “ALBUMS OF WEEK 16 – 1965 / DEAD SET ON LIVING

  1. Recuerdo cuando salio el disco, “1965” me decepciono un poco, sus predecesores eran increibles, ahora adoro ese disco. De momento no me acercare a PS para verlos, no me faltan ganas pero entre que es un festival y el $$$$$ esperare si tocan en formato club. Saludos

    • Son banda de club total, está claro, peeeero, si la opción es el mastodóntico PS12, y puedo amortizar la carísima entrada con Refused, Sleep, Wilco y alguna cosa más, ya me doy por servida. Como os he comentado, tengo una espinita con los Whigs desde el año 99. Necesito desquitarme y personalmente creo que es el momento idóneo

  2. Qué puedo decir… me gustan los discos de Afghan Whigs, pero éste en especial, es mi favorito… sí, y me alegro de saber que no soy el único, pues en general, toooodo el mundo prefiere “Gentlemen” o ” Black Love”. Por otra parte, claro, la música no es nada sin los sentimientos y recuerdos generados a su alrededor, y recuerdo la época en que me compré ese disco como una buena época. Es más, aquella tarde me compré “1965” y “100% Colombian” de una tacada. No te digo na y te lo digo to.

    • Vaya tarde más exitosa, Kar! No todos los días uno se compra semejante par de discos, en menos en la época (más que nada por la pasta).

      En este caso 1965 se lo debo a alguien de quien prefiero no acordarme, así como todo el reenganche a los Afghan Whigs, por lo que los recuerdos asociados a estos discos se están generando ahora, y por eso tengo tantísimas ganas de verlos en un mes escaso. Me gustaría compartir ese momento contigo, cerveza en mano, aceptas?

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