The absence of serious obligations and responsibilities coming from a higher hierarchic level has brought  some sort of chaos to my life lately. Calendar is essential for the kind of tasks I usually perform, related to logistics. Forecasts, procedures and operations are arranged based on Estimated times of departures and arrivals, and few hours delay can cause much trouble.

Well, I don’t have such pressure right now, as I haven’t been working for a month already. I’d like to give otherwise news, but it’s not the case, so, we’ll keep on searching.

The relevance of the calendar has lost priority in my life, even since I got inked a couple of weeks ago, not carrying my wrist watch has also added to my time related chaos. Thus, I was reviewing my last posts and have noticed I hadn’t written about the album of the week for long time, and had to pick my organizer to check how many weeks I gotta update. Two, by the way, so be patient because I had to update once again to reach the current week 19, and music posts will be more present.

This been remarked, let’s hit the two albums, because I’m listening to lots of music lately, which caught my attention and interest the most.

At The Drive-In is one of these bands  which deserve my complete respect although I must admit, I’ve never dug into their discography the way they deserve up to date. It’s like I listen to some of their songs and think they’re terrific, but haven’t moved forward. Never too late, it’s said, I’m fixing this mistake lately, and will soon focus on something huge that I think I’m really missing, The Mars Volta.

It’s funny because I actually saw them on the streets in Camden lying on a wall, before I came back to Spain in 2000. How do I know? I had seen their pictures published in Kerrang Magazine several times, and even though Camden is full of eccentric characters, Goths, punks, rockers…those afros were unmistakable. If eye contact counts on my behalf, that was an encounter with At The Drive-In worth including in my memoires, Toi n’ The Stars. Yes, we looked at each other enough as to notice we were observing. I was wearing some remarkable t-shirt I cannot recall enough as to pay attention, and  I stared at their afros, having a laugh remembering my unfortunate perm which turned out to become an afro at age 13. I should have told them something, but since I hadn’t listened to their stuff,  focused on different business, didn’t consider it much appropriate, thus I kept walking.

Later I found out, this happened few months before their last album, Relationship of Command, my personal starter into the afro guys’ universe, was released.

And what has made me get hooked to this album? Many features could me listed, but all of them can be summed up into one adjective: POWERFUL.

Relationship of Command is an explosion, and consequently a release, of restrained aggressiveness. Controlled freaky mayhem, combining, intense melodies with insane vocals, symbolic lyrics, and complex patterns and structures of songs.

The experience of listening to this album is so intense and overwhelming, after 13 songs split into 40 minutes, I end up exhausted for real.

I’m particularly enjoying listening to music at nights through my headphones, and this album features so many arrangements and details, it is very shocking.

Let me show you a clear example, with Enfilade. Thrilling and devastating. No need to say anything else.

A Stich in Time is the second EP of The Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli’s main project for the past decade.

It had been many years since the last time I listened to this treasure, mainly because the copy which used to be at my former home, wasn’t mine, as usual. I had forgotten of its existence till few days before Mark Lanegan’s live show in Barcelona, when Live With Me, the amazing Massive Attack cover opening A Stich In Time, came back to my mind.

The collaboration among these two unique and charismatic characters is perfect. The result of the  combination of such different styles and personalities is simply thrilling.

This EP also features Mark Lanegan in Flashback, very very Afghan Whigs style, despite it belongs to Fat Freddys Drop. I had a crush on this one, especially for the lyrics.

There’s something natural in the way you touch me

There’s a feeling that I can’t explain

There’s something mystic  in the soul connection

There’s something magic in your misty eyes

Perhaps you think there’s nothing special in them, but the final result is very elegant and classy, and I find this song loaded with a great deal of sensuality.

The other three songs are fantastic too, worth remarking They Ride, but I have to be honest and admit the great value of this EP is the presence of Lanegan and, as explained, the combination of the two vocalists.

As I said half joking few days ago, and feeling very excited about the upcoming visit of The Afghan Whigs at the end of this month, I’m Dullied, or Dullized lately 🙂


  1. El album previo “Casino Out” y el Mini “Vaya” son tremendos, totalmente recomendables, Alvar y yo los vimos en esa epoca tres veces, la primera con “Casiono Out” en Sidecar, espectacular, de ahi al estrellato, je,je….

    • Qué satisfacción más grande la de ver a una banda justo a punto de despegar a lo bestia. Qué suerte!

      Casino/Out ha sido mi última adquisición. Estoy en proceso de digestión, creo que pronto lo comentaré por aquí, pero es que entre unas cosas y otras, se me acumula el trabajo! Tantas cosas por escuchar y descubrir…

  2. precísamente ayer lo hablaba con un amigo, no he escuchado nunca nada de los afros, sí recuerdo alguna canción de el disco que comentas (One Armed Scissor? ok, no recuerdo bien el título) que me gustaba. Anyway, a ver si me pongo un día de estos. En lo que a los Twilight Singers, tengo un par de discos suyos, pero nunca me llegaron a gustar especialmente… y no se puede decir que no lo intentara. Lo mismo les pego un tiento de nuevo, luego.

    • Efectivamente el tema al que te refieres si se llama One Armed Scissor, de hecho estuve a punto de colgar este video pero es que Enfilade me parece MUY bestia.

      Buscando videos para este post vi actuaciones en directo que eran para caerse de culo. Muy muy excesivos. Sin embargo este comeback que están protagonizando estas semanas NO está convenciendo a los fans.

      The Twilight Singers en general no están mal, pero no llegan al nivel de Afghan Whigs, eso es obvio. Hace meses ya comenté Blackberry Belle, que me gusta bastante. De este EP ya te digo, las dos covers con Lanegan son especiales…Creo que te gustarán.

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