It’s been almost a week since I attended the show Rich Hope and his Evil Doer(s), the drummer and film lover Adrian Mark at Rocksound bar, in Barcelona.

You might think I’m too late, but since my target is not writing a review, among other things because I don’t know any single song title they played, I don’t care much. Just feel like writing about the experience itself.

Never judge a product by its cover. Promo posters announcing the shows were showing the cover of the album Rich Hope is Gonna Whip it On Ya, released in 2009. It featured a good-looking guy, Rich Hope himself, in a very cocky and attractive pose. The fonts, the design of the poster, the colors used and the guy’s appearance led me to think the music was to be kind of 50’s rock or swing style.

Not sure whether I’ve already say here that I’m enjoying attending gigs without previous knowledge lately. I’m doing it on purpose, following my instinct, and certains friends’ advise. The pleasure of getting acquainted with a band directly through a live performance is something I strongly recommend. Of course there’s some percentage of risk in there, but up to date I haven’t got disappointed.

I had seen the poster and felt a good vibe, and Manel, responsible for Corazón de Rock & Roll, whose excellent taste in music I trust, insisted I had to attend the show as he positive knew I was gonna dig. He guessed right  and I’m glad to have listened to him.

The evening turned out to be a sequence of good surprises. First to know The Evil Doers was actually the drummer, so the band was formed by Hope and Mark. second, they weren’t just focused on classic rock by all means, but also this blues combining the classic standards, with this raw and noisy power sound  which made me think of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and the earlier Black Keys.

The duo coming from Vancouver convinced the audience right away, with the amazing work on drums, the raw and dirty distortion of the guitar, the attitude of this little man, with a Joe Strummer stage appearance, who made jokes, told us stories, and yelled like a motherfucker.

After a great show, the closing to a perfect night was to have the pleasure to talk with this two humble and nice guys, not only the typical small talk regarding the show, but commenting on down to earth topics of discussion, about films, with Adrian Mark, who told me he writes reviews and articles related, our love for Kubrick, his devotion to Jess Franco, and with Rich, about how is to live in Vancouver, make your living as a musician and many other things. Really, they were adorable.

It is a pity in shows like this, there are so few attendants. I’d say last Tuesday we were around 30, and a great deal were musical press related who were acquainted with Hope’s stuff. Considering it was Tuesday, the starting hour and the curfew were set earlier in order people could easily access to public transport. I reckon mouth to mouth worked fine, but still people are lazy in weekdays. Madrid was sold out the day after… Barcelona musical agenda is getting busier, and activity in small venues has remarkably increased. This hasn’t to do with economic situation, it is that people are narrow minded and haven’t yet assumed in order to access to more bands, working days have to be programmed, and it’s also necessary venues to set performances starting hours earlier, so people can move through the city. Let’s make things easy, offer cheap tickets for small-mid shows, do some promo and eventually people will start reacting.

Woah momma, what a statement! If only I was a booker or gig promoter, I’d apply what I observed and learned in UK, I reckon.

Pity you couldn’t join me in my experience last week, it was worth it. Perhaps next time, huh?


  1. La Stoya esta realmente es super guapa, ¿eh? Me mola que hayas escrito un post sobre porno, siendo tía y hablando de esto tan normal. Como tiene que ser 🙂 Lo más importante, no te olvides la tirita! 😉

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