One week delay, my apologies. Been thinking of what I’ve been listening these two last weeks, and basically I’ve been focusing on Soundgarden and The Afghan Whigs discography, for obvious reasons.

Two very different albums to talk about, a classic and a new release, I find really funny my musical  eclecticism and swinging appetite. I will start with Repeater + 3 Songs.

Spiderland was the last album of the week, and for some reason I relate Slint to Fugazi, thus I was so hooked to the first one, Repeater followed. This post-hardcore style both bands followed, make me find sound resemblance, especially in guitars and drums.

First time I heard of Fugazi it was in 1990’s, but didn’t pay much attention until a friend of mine told me his band had opened for them once. You might think feeling interested in a band only because of its name, or better said, its phonetics, is stupid, and yes, you’re right.

Here in Spain we pronounce English brands, bad names and lots of words wrong constantly. I’m an English phonetics’ fan, even though my marks at college weren’t outstanding basically because I never spent much time studying, I used to love the transcriptions and the characters to mark the different English sounds.

First time I noticed the difference in phonetics I was 10, and was Madonna’s diehard fan. I met this American girl, one year older, named Ginella, and when trying to talk about our favorite band she said something like /məˈdɑːnə /, who I wasn’t acquainted with, and I was saying /mɑː’donae/. We were both referring to the same artist.

I’ll always remember the day my English friend Fari told us she loved /mək’deθ/ and I was the first one to realized she was saying /meg ɑː’deθ/ (Megadeth).

Well, I like the word Fugazi, pronounced /fu’geizi/, as in Donnie Brasco film, and it meaning, fake.

I think it was 2004 a friend gave me one CD with all the albums compressed. I’ve already mentioned I don’t like copies of CDs, and even worse if there are 8-10 albums in the same CD. I’m lazy and never listen to them, with the exception of the IPod, of course. I listened to those albums several times and eventually forgot about them.

I’m not sure why Repeater appeared in my Ipod, guess certain person who used to hog and manipulate my laptop, uploaded it at some point, the fact is that from time to time I play it, and always have the same thought, “Fugazi are awesome!”.

I always loved the cover, don’t ask me why, thus, one year ago or so, I purchased it in vinyl, just because.

This Repeater is a rough album, mostly due to its lyrics and the raw sound. Violence, guns, drugs, greed, hatred…from this aggressive and angry angle. Picciotto and MacKaye’s on vocals are intense, again drums are impressive, and guitars combine these arpeggio and insane riffs, enhancing this sense of being in the middle of a battlefield.

I often listen to this album when moving around the city, sometimes just on the streets, and in other occasions being on the subway. I admit it, I can feel my aggressiveness growing inside of me sometimes, especially when subway is packed or people are just annoying. No, never play Fugazi when upset, you feel like killing someone.

Check this performance in front of The Whitehouse, it’s worth seeing

Thinking of the amounts of copies this album sold with the passing of time, it’s unbelievable the status of band of cult, Fugazi keeps. Also it’s very interesting to read about the philosophy of this band, looking for minimum profit and keeping gig admission tickets at its lowest. Perhaps it’s time to dig further to see what this band with a cool name can offer me.

Being one of 1,000 Recordings to hear before you die at least you should give it a try once.

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