Last week in Madrid was super intense and proactive, meeting friends, attending a live performance of a friend’s band, The Diesel Dogs, Sonisphere, vermouths, neighborhood fests…

Using subway in Madrid as the definite public transport is great for reading and listening to music, because the average journey  from one point to final destination is of half an hour minimum, same as in London. Can’t recall how many books I read in two years I was living there, but bringing them back to Spain was sweat and tears, and almost overweight expenses.

In the gaps I wasn’t listening to Soundgarden or The Afghan Whigs I chose Blunderbuss, the first solo album Jack White has just released, as the soundtrack of the week. And the verdict is already settled: thumbs up!

Those times I used to think he and his “sister” Meg were an absolute hype, and misjudged him without proper knowledge nor grounding, are long gone. Little by little, every single project Mr. White’s been involved in, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, eventually has received my  approval.

It’s taken many years to this mainstream rebel to finally release a full studio album on his own. Why such long time? I don’t think it’s a matter of lack of confidence, perhaps he’s tired of projects with other artists, although we all know he’s the outstanding figure of any of them with the exception of Meg White and her bewbz, right? Just joking!

Perhaps you might think I’m exaggerating when I compare Jack White to Ryan Adams, labeling both them as the ultimate musical genius: singers, songwriters, multi instrumentalists, able to cover different styles and sounds without blinking.

Blunderbuss is simply bewitching, with songs so different from each other, and this uniqueness it’s hardly to relate the album to any other band or artist. It’s just Jack White.

This album is actually a compilation of all the styles White is comfortable with, and such variety makes of this a histrionic and excessive work. Don’t misunderstand me, I love it. What I mean is that the opening Missing Pieces is far away from Trash Tongue Shaker.

First single chosen to promote the album is simply stunning, Love Interruption, featuring Ruby Amanfu on backing vocals. Check it out!

Nevertheless is Hypocritical Kiss the song that blew my mind last week. First time I listened to this song I could only think of one adjective to sum up the way I felt: Sonofabitch!

The fact is that, the more I listen to it, the more song I now love, which is great. Nowadays my new favorite is Weep Themselves to Sleep. I don’t think of any as a mere filler, the thirteen cuts have been carefully chosen to shock and make people finally adore Jack White. Brilliant!

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