I’m very sorry for not posting as often as the previous months. Believe me it doesn’t have to do with lack of inspiration nor motivation, it’s pure and simply a matter of logistics.

One of the greatest achievements of modern era has been the invention of air conditioning systems, however, I live in a rented flat and I’m not in the mood of investing in the installation of one of those machines yet.

Truth is most of summer there are nice air currents passing through so I don’t have to worry much and the heat is eased, but now it’s mid-end of August, and heat combined with high percentage of humidity is just unbearable. Temperatures over 30ºC (+/-  86-95F) are kicking us on a daily basis, and living by the sea, makes my low pressure drops so much I feel dizzy and tired most of time. Approaching my computer for more than half an hour straight is Hell. I cannot concentrate, start sweating and consequently start getting nervous and uncomfortable.

This week is being particularly rough on this regard, because there’s a conflict of effects related to the heat: I am so dizzy I want to sleep but on the other hand I can sleep tight I’m unable to sleep tight due to this warm weather.

Well, I’m in this stage when summer is over for me, and  just want to get back to normal.

Summer excesses are eventually noticeable. I’ve gained weight. Beers, tapas, cocktails, ice-creams…summer is the season of self-indulging and things get out of control, moreover if you’re not working and you quit smoking some months ago. The effects have been devastating, and my self-esteem has dropped some points.

I have this self defense behavior which automatically starts at a certain point I don’t feel I can reach lower than my current situation. This can be applied to any field in my life. I’m at this point I need to work, I want to lose weight, and I need some radical changes, and have to take measures.

The fact that it happens at the end of August makes me think of the same feeling I had when holidays were over and you had to focus on going back to school.

The engines are starting for what September might bring. For the first time this year I reckon everything is gonna be alright, and I have this strong premonition or feeling that  my luck is gonna change, in a positive way. I’m finger crossed.

In order to keep on the right track and enhance my belief, I also have to do something on my own, which will meet other facts or elements for good things start happening.

On one hand I’ve started stretching every morning and spend 30-40 minutes a day in doing some home exercise with music, no matter that I sweat like a dog here, I’m watching my meals trying not to abuse much on trash food, quit drinking to reasonable levels (It’s still Summer, friends gather for some beers…), go out for walks in the evening so I can also take pictures, and in order to find a job quickly, I’ve started networking and approaching as many contacts in my field as possible, so the word that I’m available is spread.

Let’s see what the outcome is…

There’s a popular sentence here which more or less says, you gotta get the horns of the bull. It means you have to face the roughest so you can get everything under control. Well, I’m trying. If you got any suggestion which might fit in my current stage of self-improvement, I’m all ears, and good will.

Oh, by the way! I forgot to share with you my summer playlist, Long and Hot Summer. Hope you like it!

Thanks for being there!

6 responses to “LONG & HOT SUMMER

  1. Go girl! I also have the feeling that something really cool is just around the corner for you! :-*

  2. Por eso y todo lo demás nosotros pasamos nuestras vacaciones en Galicia. El año pasado con la dieta del percebe (percebe un dia sí y el otro también) me quité dos o tres quilos (una talla de pantalón) que aun no he recuperado.
    Este mes de agosto ha sido un poco mas fresquito que ediciones anteriores; si bien no hemos pasado de 25ºC de máximas; pero cuando vemos el calor crónico de Zaragoza, Madrid o BCN, nos ratificamos en que es preferible gastarse la pasta en marisco y ribeiro que en aire acondicionado.

    • A ver, PADRE. Como bien sabes no me gustan los percebes, ni el marisco, ni me apasiona el Ribeiro. Alguna alternativa decente?

      • Pues sí; el otro día en una churrascada comimos una empanada gallega de vegetales, que estaba mortal de buena… (también las había de pulpo y de zorza)

  3. Bueno vale, la empanada vegetariana se acepta 😉

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