When you think of the places you’ve ever been, you come to realize that the world is bigger that we thought when staring at the globe at class when we were kids. It’s actually frustrating because you come to the conclusion you’ve barely seen, what? 5% of it being generous?

You can travel often, but there’s always the Lonely Planet friend, who’s even visited places you weren’t acquainted with their existence. Better not to be a jealous person regarding travels, because it can be depressing.

I love travelling, but don’t see myself as a traveler. First, my economy started being strong enough to assume 10-12 days getaway overseas when I was close to 30, thus for many years I couldn’ afford but purchasing flight tickets to UK to visit my old pals; Second, I’m not as adventurer as to travel as a backpacker, sleeping on the floor and washing in cold water. I’m a pro-civilization girl, with all the comforts of modern life; Holidays aren’t made for suffering, so I’m not interested in visiting places where poverty kicks in your jaw right away. I don’t need that kind rewarding experience in my life. I’m least I’m not ready for that yet.

For the past year I can’t complain at all. I’ve visited some beautiful cities in Europe with the target of attending shows, and it’s been worth experiencing. However, partly because of this consumerist culture and also influenced by my surroundings, the meaning of travelling means to move to a different country. I’m totally broke nowadays, but eventually this situation will change, so I’ll be able to move again and discover the beautiful locations I’ve dreamt of for years.

We have to set imaginary targets, yet feasible at some point, as to create expectations and keep motivation alive.

Despite my urban nature, the truth is that there are certain landscapes I really want to see with my own eyes. These is my Wishlist:

ANTELOPE CANYON, US – In Navajo land, Arizona, this place is full of magic. The sunlight combined with the eroded landscape, slipping into the crack walls, create amazing stamps. The shape and structure of the stones, the palette of tonalities and shades, the feeling of the greatness of Nature. I need to touch and feel those seams.

MIYAJIMA, JP – Unfortunately when I visited Japan in March 2010, weather was rough, and snow was forecasted the days we had scheduled to visit Hiroshima and this beautiful city with the Itsukushima Shrine’s floating Torii. I had unfinished business with the land of the new rising sun, because there are many places I missed, and also would love having renewed memories, as in 2010 the trip was quite revealing in some aspects, and if not on my own, I’d love to share the experience with different company, and move South, moving to Okinawa if possible.

AYERS ROCK, AU – I just need to stare at this huge sandstone in the middle of nowhere in Australia. It really seems something come from outer space, and makes me think of Mars and Close Encounters of the third Kind. The contrast of the red tone against the blue in the sky in unique, and its greatness seems overwhelming.

PATAGONIA – PERITO MORENO, AR – I still don’t know anyone who’s visited Patagonia who got disappointed. Just the opposite. I reckon people come back swearing that’s the most amazing place they’re even seen. And I fully trust those friends who’ve been so passionate when talking about the glacier Perito Moreno. When I’ve been shown pictures I’ve ended up with my mouth wide open , in love with those beautiful postcards.

TECTONIC PLATES, IS – as weird as it seems, I’m completely serious. Iceland is there, isolated and volcanic, and leaving the revolutionary politic measures taken some time ago aside, its complex geology offers amazing landscapes, where all the elements fight for their hegemony. Volcanoes, geysers, fjords, glaciers, and many parks, the Iceland seems to be a rough place for living. Regarding the tectonic plates, it was a documentary about plates and faults, the clashes and movements, which discovered me the images of areas in Iceland when one foot can be in America, and the other in Europe, and I thought that was one of the coolest things I ever heard of, so I wanna step on the two continents at the same time, and take the stupid picture ok me posing with one of my typical stupid #EpicWin faces.

There were two sources of  inspiration for writing this post. On one hand, a phone call I received yesterday from a guy who simply asked me if a job position in Abu Dhabi would be attractive and worth considering  as to move there for a long time, and on the other hand Marita, a girl from Mallorca who I reckon is the most experienced traveler I’ve ever met, and the perfect person to get great tips because she usually keeps these travel diaries describing everything, who answered to a question regarding Abu Dhabi I posted on Twitter right away. You should visit her blog, Trips and Things by M, very inspiring and useful.

One thing left to another and I started thinking which landscapes I must see before I die. Pictures and documentaries are not enough, I want to feel, breath and capture the details not only trough my camera, but also in my mind, just for myself.

This time I encourage you to answer to this post and share with me which landscapes you’d like to see for yourself, at least once in your lifetime. Let’s dream awake and escape from reality at lteast for a while.


  1. Uff. I daydream about any place around the Himalayas, specially Bhutan. But I can’t see myself there (altitude and so on). Iceland is also a dream, but oh-so-cold. And then a looooong road trip around England. If I did this, I’d probably never want to come back.

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