Knock, knock! May I come in? I know, I know, I’m officially 7 months late for Lana, pneumatic face, del Rey’s party, but wanna join while the hype lasts.

Judge a book by its cover is a great mistake, putting it aside because of its name is even more ridiculous. Truth is that for long time I haven’t paid much attention to events or new artists exalted by indie or pop dedicated press, trying to sell a band as the saviors of music or the next big thing. Thus, for instance, I’ve never been attracted to Muse, Arctic Monkeys and other IN bands, and I’m sure my position filtering has prevented me from nonsense fashion crap, but also has blocked good stuff to reach my ears. Every decision has a side effect I guess.

Once this said, I’m strictly sticking to Born to Die, as I didn’t know Lizzy Grant, and haven’t heard anything earlier than her official debut album at the moment either.

In my personal world this name started to kick from time to time: Lana del Rey. What can you expect with such a name? For Americans, British or Japanese, the name might sound exotic and even sexy, but for me, being Spanish, sounds like another Latin mainstream shitty singer, or worse even, a pop Spanish artist (I don’t even know why I say “artist”). Again, I didn’t pay attention.

You might wonder what was the click which made me be aware of this girl…well, a guy. Last year I discover this gorgeous freak model named Bradley Soileau, skinny, super tattoed, and quite a badass, who months later starred Born to Die and Blue Jeans videos with Lana. Captures weren’t appealing enough as to give a try to her stuff, but at least she had a face, and very pretty as per my initial impression, too cold and expressionless, delicate chine doll like.

At this point the Lana del Ray mania started worldwide striking as hard as a hurricane, and you could see her everywhere. Music, fashion, culture, all media echoed her presence, and the bombing was overwhelming. It was one of those moments you are with or against, and I chose the second.

Not only I thought of her beauty something artificial, with those ducky lips full of silicone, her perfect skin, her disgusting nails style… Ok, let’s make a point, she’s very pretty, I reckon, but when you see her in an interview you notice something’s going on with her face, and in 10 years time, what now we label as perfect beauty, will turn into something horrifying, due to cosmetic surgery and botox treatments.

I remember her live performance of Video Games on a Spanish TV late night show in April, and I couldn’t stand her. Reviewing the video, it wasn’t that bad, her voice was perfect smooth and beautiful, she was supported by some musicians, and the song itself was fine, but since I hadn’t heard anything before, I forgot about the music and focused on the character, and appearance. Her look was wonderful in white, and her hair was simply perfect with a shawl. All Lana was so “mint” she seemed unreal. However her body language, with condescending airs, her new high class attitude, her fake fragile appearance, and that kind of ethereal invisible mist around, really killed me. She got on my nerves  so much I couldn’t believe she had so many fans and was so worshipped by everyone. I could not comprehend this product designed for hipsters had manage to trespass the boundaries, spreading popularity among other musical communities, and becoming a social phenomenon and an icon.

Less than 10 days ago I read the news announcing her as the new face of F-Style Jaguar campaign. The brand global director explained both the car and the girl share a unique blend of modernity and authenticity. The funniest thing is that the car is completely left aside on behalf of the beauty of Lana reflected in very sensual and classy shots.

Since I wasn’t too busy at that moment, I felt like checking her videos and songs for the first time, and with low expectations, yet trying to be as objective as possible. And oh, surprise! Not only those videos featuring #fuckable Bradley Soileau were acceptable, I also liked Video Games, and Summertime Sadness. I felt puzzled. I went to the toilet in a hurry and look at myself in front on the mirror, I touched my own face and thought “Toi, what’s wrong? Are you ok? Is this a dream?” I pinched myself, and all that was real. I liked something coming from a girl I had been despising and criticizing for so long… Nah! That was impossible, and I took comfort from the thought of those were the singles and the rest of the album would be  a crap.

I had to face the menace form its roots, and since I found a second hand CD at bargain price, I got it, to listen to it properly and loud. For two days Born to Die is been the only record I’ve listened to, except for the exercising sessions. And finally got my verdict.

Keeping in mind that nowadays not all the albums are awesome from top to bottom and at some point you often find these filling songs, I have to admit Born to Die effect  on me gets better with the hearings, and what I thought of a filling song has something which makes it special. Lyrics are remarkable, apart from the singles Born to Die, Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness and Video Games, Diet Mountain Dew, National Anthem and Dark Paradise are worth mentioning here.

Once all this said, and despite her nails from Inferno, I finally have to surrender to the hype and say Thumbs Up to Lana del Rey.

I’m definitely getting old and more tolerant, dears, this would have never happened 10 years ago. 😉


  1. Thumbs up for your newly-discovered tolerance! 🙂 I suppose that you know that my musical I’m the complete opposite, I will listen to everything. In a reasonable range of pop and rock (NO reagge, latin music, or too much heavy metal). That makes you see me listen to Los Pecos and then pop up a Pink Floyd record 😉

    • Truth is that for many years I’m being more tolerant and open to different styles with rock as the starting root, but nowadays I feel more like a music researcher and consequently curious enough as to give a try to things I would reject in the past.

      Yours is a curious case of chameleonlike music mimesis on one hand, and weird taste on the other. The greatness of you on this regard is your ability to adapt and enjoy different kind of music that you normally consume.

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