September is a month marked mainly for the return to school. The cycles and calendars of business, politics and other fields have been adjusted to this event, thus cities are recovering their pulse and nerve, unfortunately for many holidays are just a past memory, and kids resume to classes in high spirits and renewed energy. September is the month when everything gets back to normal, or so we think.

It’s been too long since I don’t attend any sort of classes. I eventually quit my college degree, English (grammar and literature)when I moved to Barcelona, mainly because of the incompatibility among working shifts at the store, and a studying routine, plus at that point, after several issues, I lacked of motivation and enthusiasm. I think I can admit I never liked the degree, and the only knowledge I improved was that related to literature. Moreover, the experience at the university wasn’t worth living, and I reckon college education is overrated. The quality of education I myself paid for years, was pure crap.

Throughout all those years you attended kindergarten, primary/secondary school, high school and (if) college, could you point put which was the period you enjoy most? I can, I’ve never been happier as in my high school years, positive.

I attended a nun private school from age 4 till 13, when my dad gave me the chance to choose whether to study secondary grades at the same school, or receive public education. I chose the second option, I used to hate the suffocating atmosphere and unfair hierarchy based on popularity and money, even though I wasn’t really conscious at that time. Spending so much time with other girls allowed me to see how bitchy we can be at early stage, the repressive atmosphere of Catholic education impacting on us prevented us to have a real picture of what life was, however I have to give the nun school the credit of being so disciplined, I was a bit bothered due to my left handed condition (not up to feeling bullied, but definitely annoying), but also my studying habits were learned during those years, and my love for English language was born thanks to some wonderful teachers who encouraged me lots.

I used to study during those years so much that when I started at the high school I didn’t need to invest much effort into passing the subjects, thus, from 14 to 17, I lived a privileged welfare period, characterized by the easy living, and the quest for discovering what would become my lifetime passions: music, films and friends.

I usually define myself in that time as hyperactive. If you ask people who knew me those years probably would agree. I had such energy I was, and sometimes still am, an overwhelming character, comparable to a tornado. No kidding.

The high school was the perfect option during weekdays. I got on well with my teachers despite the fact that I was chatting all the time, didn’t have much trouble with my marks, got on well with most of my classmates, and was voted the class student representative every year. I wasn’t a saint, believe me, but my negotiation skills were quickly proved on behalf of my fellow students. It was a time when waking up early in the morning to attend classes wasn’t bad by all means. I loved that place, the atmosphere, the friendship and fun, and the sandwiches made at the high school cafeteria. Oh good, cheap and awesome!

I recovered some of my high school essence a couple of years ago. Mondays are always rough. You are destabilized after the weekend and it takes you ages to wake up in the morning. On Tuesday, I was starting thinking that the following day was midweek so weekend was closer. Wednesdays were right in the middle and you could touch weekend with the tip of your fingers. On Thursdays all plans for the weekend were set and I was starting to get excited and finally Friday was mayhem, and an explosion of euphoria. There was this English teacher who eventually became my friend and recorded me many rock tapes, Ladis, who dismissed me on Friday last hour class on purpose, in order to prevent me to spread my happiness among my classmates.

High school was the perfect playground, the place where I started hanging out with boys, much cooler than girls, I had my first crush on a guy, Diego, and where I started sharing my recently discovered passion with mates: music. Communication and socializing skills were fully developed, thanks to music I stopped tumbling in confusion, and my personality started defining, and for the first time in my life I made decisions, faced my parents, and walked my first steps towards the adult life. Thus high school meant the change from being a kid playing with toys to turn into a pre-adult teenager self conscious with my own will. It was my personal awakening, and the first version of what Toi is nowadays.

I don’t regret having diverted great deal of my potential to my passions and experiences, I know if I had studied harder perhaps the results would have been different, but, since I’m happy and proud the way I am, and with pros and cons, ups and downs, I feel quite fulfilled and glad I’ve enjoyed life so much.

Thus, in my mind, September, a month I particularly feel fond of, always brings back lots of high school memories, with a feeling of positive nostalgia invading my heart. Those were good ol’ times after all, before innocence was gone and adult concerns were the new tenants in my head.

What about you? Did you like school?

Here are some songs related, to inspire you.

One response to “BACK TO SCHOOL

  1. Hacía tiempo que no dejaba un comentario, aunque puedo decir que he ido leyendo todas tus entradas de las últimas semanas, conforme ibas colgándolas. Vayamos al lío: me gustaba la escuela? el instituto? la universidad? … el colegio sí que me gustaba… fuí a un colegio pequeño, privado, pero de barrio, laico, con una sola clase por curso… aquello fue muy bueno… hice amigos que mantengo, alguno de ellos, y a otros, bueno, me los encuentro por el viejo barrio y no me da palo intercambiar unas palabras con ellos, you know… entonces era feliz y despreocupado… luego fuí a un instituto, llegué allí solo, sin amigos del cole, y con todos los complejos y la timidez del mundo… a pesar de ello, y aunque hubieron malos momentos, especialmente el primer año, lo pasé bien… no era el festival de júbilo y buen rollo que detallas, ni mucho menos. No diría que fue la etapa más feliz de mi vida. Pero no estuvo mal. Luego me metí en la universidad. A hacer una carrera que no me gustaba. Eso no motiva nada. Además, tenía que trabajar. Para pagar aquella mierda. Eso motiva menos. No puedo decir que viví una experiencia universitaria de esas de estar en el campus todo el día, del bar de la universidad, de las fiestas entre semana, de conocer gente… hice algunos amigos, que mantengo, pero en general, la gente allí era muy poco interesante. Por si fuera poco, las chicas brillaban por su ausencia, en una proporción 1/10. Lamentable. No sé cómo eran las otras carreras, pero la mía, entre exámenes finales, parciales (uno o dos por cuadrimestre), trabajos, prácticas con su correspondiente informe… curré más que nunca, yo, que me había sacado la EGB y el BUP/COU con bastante poco esfuerzo. Total, que de fiestas y desfase, poco.

    Lo que mucha gente vive en su etapa universitaria yo lo viví, más o menos, cuando acabé la universidad, y al día siguiente tenía mi primer trabajo “de verdad”, bien remunerado, y tal (ya estaba como becario en esa empresa).De repente, tenía una jornada laboral de 8 horas, y luego, el tiempo para mí, nada de estudiar en casa, ni tener un trabajillo extra como cuando iba a clase. Encima, viviendo en casa de mis padres, aún con lo que daba en casa, me quedaba un dinero que para mí era un dineral, mucho más que lo que había tenido en años: todo para gastar en chorradas y vicios. Por si fuera poco, en esa empresa cometieron la imprudencia de darme un coche… te puedes imaginar, pues, que esa época fue muy buena. Simplificando mucho, muchísimo, claro. Por supuesto que me arrepiento de muchas cosas que hice o no hice siendo un adolescente. Pero es ya tarde para esas cosas.

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