I wasn’t sure to write about the incident, or better said shitty accident, that’s happened to me today, because you’ll probably think I’m stupid or something like that, but since I’ve been seriously considering to write my top 5 of falls and accidents, some of them involving scars for good, my self-consciousness is lessen and seems not so important.

Worst of these ridiculous accidents is that they could always end in disaster or even in tragedy, and can be very dangerous, despite the fact that analyzing them can turn them into something funny.

Dears, my nose looks like an eggplant right now, and pain is constantly bothering. As you already know, I’m not small thin nosed, I admit it, my nose is fatty and round prominent, but today it’s even worse. I could have broken it, but I’ve been lucky.

Sliding windows and doors had already caused me some trouble. If there aren’t any warning marks, sometimes you just can’t see whether they’re open or not. I’ve seen many people banging against glass doors just because those were always open so they didn’t notice any sign of the opposite and they were hitting themselves heavy. Being you the witness at work, and the victims some of the most stupid customers I had, the experience was worth living, and laughs were granted, but of course everything changes when you suffer the consequences of not paying attention, or simply due to an unnoticed and unwarned change.

And this is what’s happened to me.

Today it’s been the day of Catalunya, the region I’ve been living in all these years. It’s a celebration day, but also a symbol of the struggle for the recognition of the citizens’ rights. Moreover, this big day has turned into a political propaganda of the nationalism feeling and the claiming for Catalunya’s segregation from Spain. it’s a very political day, at the end of the day, and you can perceive tension at national scale.

But I’m not the one who’s going to analyze what’s good or wrong. I’ve been living here too long as to have my ideas clear and see what I like and dislike.

Thus, being from a different area, not believing nor supporting the country segregation, and hating politics to be the cause for argument and trouble among my friends, today was the day of Catalunya, and I’ve joined a group of native people to enjoy the day together till most of them were attending the protest demonstration, have lunch and some drinks.

I woke up this morning in excellent mood, ready to cook my first risotto for 9, no less. Weather is quite humid lately with this heavy pressure and high temperature quite uncomfortable. I was cooking, the kitchen was warm, and because the air conditioning was switched on in the living room, someone has considered closing the sliding door of the kitchen was required, not giving notice, when I wasn’t looking. It was really hot all of a sudden, when I discovered the railings to the garden closed, not allowing current, thus I’ve gone straight to them, in a hurry, without noticing the sliding door was fuckin’ closed too, thus I’ve crashed into the door, the bridge of my nose receiving most of the impact. And it’s been like slow motion and dreamy right after, with a terrible wave of pain extending from the nose to my head, blankness invading, and a sense of confusion and disorientation .

I’ve started crying, laughing, sobbing, all at the same time, utterly insane, and my friends were petrified and scared, trying to keep things under control in order I didn’t panic, because the first clear thought I’ve had was the possibility of having broken my nose, and all the shitty consequences that might bring out. I touched my nose, but it wasn’t bleeding, and Mireia has brought me a towel with ice, to reduce the swelling.

The biggest stroke my nose had received was in my first year in high school, when trying to get into my classroom I received a punch from a guy who was quarreling with another. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and some confusion and crying-laughter also took place. But this time it’s been terrible, I could have broken my nose just because the glass of a sliding door was super clean and nobody had warned me that it was closed.

My nose is swollen and hurts all the time, and I have to take off my glasses because the pressure upon the bridge is annoying and painful. In case pain is too acute tomorrow I’ll visit the doctor, and I don’t want to, shit!

Really, when such things happen, sometimes I get mad for being so dumb, and feel like a complete asshole. If someone had witnessed the whole scene  with a steady cam or just a phone I’d become a GIF or become trending video on YouTube.  I’m face palming right now, friends.


I’ve learnt a lesson today: I finally proved myself that glass sliding doors MUST  be marked to avoid disaster. In case you have one, you have two options, keep them in a bit of dirt, or get yourself any vinyl marker. It’ll be much appreciated.


  1. Odio esas puertas correderas de cristal tan sumamente limpias; cuando veo que la gente se choca con ellas ya no me rio, sino todo lo contrario. Yo me he golpeado varias veces en ellas y efectivamente el impacto es como un gran puñetazo contra la nariz y las gafas; si hay por aquí algún traumatólogo o especialista en urgencias, seguro que nos lo podría confirmar y quizá, hasta darnos estadísticas; pero, para colmo, la peor de todas está en mi propia casa, es la puerta de salida de la sala a la terraza; especialmente recién limpita en las mañanas de primavera a eso de las once, es super traicionera; mi vecino Paco se arreó un buen golpe en ella y yo tambien la he sufrido en tres ocasiones; muchas veces he dicho que voy a buscar alguna pegatina, que aunque estéticamente no quede muy bien, evite que en el futuro que alguien o yo mismo, nos zumbemos un porrazo tamaño guateque como el tuyo.
    Un beso, baby

    • Si, también me he calzado alguna buena con esa puerta mirando el termómetro de la terraza a primera hora de la mañana. Hay vinilos muy chulos Uge, y sería conveniente para vosotros y sobre todo por el peque…

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