Past midnight and already in October. Why is this remarkable? Well, it’s been my birthday. Yeah friends, thirty-fuckin’-six years old, and kicking. Not bad, all things considered.

36 doesn’t seem to be a very memorable age, and it’s not, perhaps if you have a twisted mind as I have, you will sadly realize you’re dangerously getting close to the 40’s, and that age seems too serious in my head. To be honest the 30s used to sound pretty awful when I was twenty something, but at the time being, I’m actually enjoying this decade the most. Still young and active, yet also wiser and more experienced. Guys, you don’t know what you’re missing here, I’m a diamond in (less) rough, and you’re wasting my best years. Positive!

My celebration weekend has been a blast, as usual. I love celebrating my birthday. The main reason is to manage to gather different friends together by my side for a night, and succeed in everybody having fun. And it’s cool because as circumstances change every year, not everybody is the same at my events.

Saturday started with a subtle hangover caused by several beers on Friday night with EvilMrSod. The Canary Islands troubadour, stopped in my hometown to offer a wonderful acoustic show I’d like to talk about separately.

The main plan, after lunch with my parents and Agnès and Kiko, was to meet all those who had confirmed attendance, and have dinner at a great vegan restaurant named La Birosta. I couldn’t be happier: my childhood friend Diana was talking to Kiko, the guy I met through a music Internet char 11 years ago; Arantza, my friend from highschool was having a laugh with Andrea, the co-founder of Norma Jean Magazine; Agnès was talking to Thais, the art historian, and I was discussing about logistics with Nacho, Julian’s boyfriend. And so on… it was one of these moments when you stop doing whatever and concentrate on the scene and think: ain’t this awesome? And then you ask for a beer right away. Party was much fun, and we had a great laugh talking about anal (backdoor) waxing. Hilarious!

Today the familiar celebration has been in a more relaxing way, with my gorgeous and super blonde nephew being the king of the scene. It’s so amazing observing the way this little creature is adapting to life, growing and interacting! I am truly fascinated with this little human being, very affectionate, obedient and happy. Everything is new and amazing for him. I feel jealous for his passion and emotions.

When coming back to reality after a short siesta, a thought has stricken my head. Exactly 18 years ago, The Stooges came into my live, for good, in the shape of a CD, Fun House, my current boyfriend gave me as a present. I still have fresh in my mind, the face of horror my mum had when we played the CD. it was insane. Now, all these years later, my father was playing ukulele and all the family were singing a song about chicken and chirps. I was listening and thinking we’re really getting old, noticing the way things change, and then remembered Sebastian Bach yelling Youth Gone Wild. Ha!

The most emotional moment of the day though, has been when receiving some messages from my best friend at high school, with several pictures attached. In one of these music forums I check out, there was this subject asking about our appearance 20 years ago. A very funny post, by the way.

These are the pictures Ana has sent me

 This first picture was taken when visiting a medieval castle in Loarre (or was it Albarracin?). My memories are not as fresh as I thought. My best friend was Ana, the girl at the right, and that tough looking boy smoking, Diego, was my first crush ever and my first failure, probably because he was my first best male friend too. He was a year older than us, and had a strong male voice and a histrionic laugh, plus was quite different to the rest of the guys in class.

I think this one was taken by Ana, just the last day before summer holidays. I can’t remember all the names, but I’ve always loved this picture. We were so different, and at the same time were so close… good ol’ times!

I can’t believe I was wearing a skirt and shoes! Well, that was actually a dress I used to wear since I was 9. It was my favorite, never loved a dress so much. XL t-shirts started to be remarkable in my wardrobe.

Carnival! I used to hate dressing up because I had to be the princess or the fairy, thus I developed a sort of phobia which still lasts at lower intensity. I think I dyed my hair in orange and pretended to be Pipi Langstrump without much effort, but my friends turned into the Domino girls, and there was a businessman and a jail prisoner. I’m so surprised realizing our baby faces!!! We were kids after all!

Twenty years ago, it’s amazing! Few weeks ago I was telling you the years in high school were my favorite times as a student. I see these pictures and many memories come back, and once again I reckon those were awesome years. I see myself as a happy girl, smart but super innocent, relaxed among girls and boys and doing what I’m greatest at, having fun.

Not sure what will happen in the next 20 years. I’d like to see myself seeing all these digital photos covering these current years, remembering these as good old times, full of awesome memories, with the feeling that I did my utmost having a happy existence, enjoying and experiencing as much as possible. We’ll see…


  1. I’m happy you had such a good time baby!
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  2. Happy AfterBirthday!

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