I got plenty of time but not much money in my pocket, still this is not gonna stop me from paying my respects to one of the coolest film festivals ever, which happens to be held close to Barcelona, in Sitges, a cute town by the sea, very touristic and very gay. I’m talking about the International Fantasy Film Festival, which, as its self-explanatory name, focuses on fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and all this Asian film product, so difficult to import and show, for its particular features.

I don’t know why I didn’t make it earlier, well I guess I know but don’t want to think of it because the shadow of regret turns up, and I don’t usually regret things. Anyway, first year I attended a couple of films was in 2010, two years ago, in a rainy day, and I was reeeeeally fucked up back then.  It is “funny” the way certain events mark your state of mind and soul for good, after the first time was horrifying. It’s 2012, I’m skint and unemployed, but mind and heart are far better.

In 2010 the main attractive was Carpenter’s The Ward, in 2011 I was petrified and hypnotized by Ryan Gosling in Drive, and this year, the Cronenberg’s, father and son are the lure, together with Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem.

My backpack is ready, my friend Sergio is gently sheltering me tonight at his place, and I’m starting feeling a bit nervous. There’s no better place as Sitges to watch horror films and feel free to scream without people judging and staring at you.

So, there we go!

2 responses to “ON MY WAY TO SITGES

  1. Toi! pásalo muy bien y vuelve con muchas pelis que contar!
    Te envío un beso y un poco de envidia sana ❤

    • No hay muchas pelis por una cuestión de budget, pero bueno, 4 tampoco están mal… a ver si tengo suerte! Besos

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