This post is about a blog I started almost 4 years ago, Popcorn and Movies. I have to apologize for the self-promo tone this might imply. Do I mean to encourage you start reading it? Well, yes, but it has to do with self motivation.

I’m not sure of the reason why I started Popcorn and Movies. Ok, I love both movies and writing, something I knew but I had seldom put into practice, but the memory of the actual impulse which made me create the blog in WordPress is blurry. I think it was some kind of experiment. HE encouraged me to start writing about something for selfish reasons, and eventually films was the basis of the project I thought it wouldn’t be subject to comparisons nor competition  and wasn’t meant to last too much, to be honest. I used to have some issues related to perseverance, I still have, but the improvement is also a fact.

David Cronenberg was my source of inspiration. He’s one of my favorite directors, I’m a huge fan of his filmography, his style, and all this reality-hallucination dilemma, so recurrent in his earlier stories.

I read some of my earlier posts yesterday, and have decided to review and rewrite many of them, as the length is very short and the quality of contents and the remarks are poor, compared to the post written in the last 2 years. It’s true I don’t follow any method, and don’t write based on a pattern, I basically update on the go, but analyzing a film and develops the ideas and feelings take longer than whenever I update Since My Baby Left Me.

My mood swings and the events in my life not only do not prevent me of writing about what’s going on here, but also are a source of inspiration, but I reckon the blog has been affected by my ups and downs in the past years. The result is that when I’ve been fine and focused I’ve updated the blog, however when I’ve felt depressed, euphoric, stressed or frustrated, analyzing films wasn’t a priority, thus there have been periods of complete block and lack of activity.

2012 hasn’t been a great year for Popcorn and Movies. I’ve only updated the blog 5 times, and don’t feel very proud. Thus at this point my friend Dichotomy turns up: should I stay or should I go now? Ha! I want to do this kind of things for pleasure, obligation is not a good motivation enhancer for me, I only deal with it when referred to work and responsibilities.

Eventually I’ve reached my decision and this post is some pressure I put upon myself as a kind of the signing of my commitment, involving you as witnesses of the same. I’ll keep on writing for Popcorn and Movies, and will try to update on a more regular basis.

Do you want to know what encouraged me to go on? It was David Cronenberg again, and his last film, Cosmopolis. It’s funny the way my head works sometimes…

Thus, after all I’ve just said, I’d be more than glad if you visited Popcorn and Movies. Hope you like it and feel like participating if you find it worthy.

Thanks again friends!

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