I’m sorry for not updating these days, but i’m working on all the posts related to the Film Festival I atended last week. I finally watched 9 films I’m reviewing little by little for Popcorn and Movies. I told you I wanted to recover and update it regularly again.

Probably some of you are already aware of the release of the last album of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill, at the end of this month. If you weren’t, now you know 😉

Last week, the first official video of the single Ramada Inn was launched. I think I listened to it about 3-4 times straight. 17 minutes of trip, absolutely recommendable.

My main e-mail account receives lots of newletters from film, music, photography and magazine sites. I have to admit I don’t read most of them, otherwise I’d be hooked reading all the time, and usually depending on the subject I choose to read them or not. I recently subscribed to a magazine I saw a friend of mine usually share links from, so I decided to give it a chance. This magazine is a bitch as it’s unclear on its contents in the newsletters, thus I’m checking them all out.

There was a full set of Neil Young and Crazy Horse at Austin City Limits Music Festival available, which I’m listening to right now, and it confirms the axiom he’s been singing about for so many years

Rock n’ Roll Will Never Die

Yeah, he might be getting old, that’s the law, but friends, you gotta see and listen for yourselves, Neil Young and The Crazy Horse sound stunning. It doesn’t matter whether they are playing old or new stuff, the neat backing vocals and double melodies, the intensity of Young’s heartfelt singing, the raw sound of his distorted guitar… there are passages of the show which are overwhelming.

Not sure whether they’ll tour Europe next year, some say it’s possible, and others talk about the rumour of Young being too tired. I don’t know what to think, I can only cross my fingers and pray, to the Harvest Moon maybe, for a visit.

As for this performance, the chemistry among Young and the Horses remains intact, and they’re perfectly fit for touring or conquering the world.

I’m very excited for the upcoming album, and for any future events. It’s great feeling his presence and noticing his activity on the newsfeed. Yeah, I’m very glad!

So, here you are Neil Young at ACL, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed

** Actually is not the full set, it’s cut during Fuckin’ Up (pity! nchst!)


  1. Hace mucho que no sigo la carrera de Neil Young, y me quedé en los clásicos de siempre, de modo que lo que realmente me excitaría, más que una nueva colección de canciones, es la posibilidad de verle en directo on Crazy Horse… Pero lo veo complicado, la verdad, Neil está viejuno y le veo poco por la labor de girar en el sur de Europa…

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