Oh dears! This Sunday’s been rough. I had such a great time last night, hangover has been merciless to me and I’ve been dumber and lower than usual. In my head I had plenty of things planned which I’ve been unable to accomplish, and I feel kind of frustrated now. I thought taking a break from going out at nights and reducing the booze was fine, but after this hangover I confirm my forced retirement from night life is definitely something positive.

Anyway, the night was a blast. Finally Ha Ha Tonka, the guys from Springfield, Missouri, came to Barcelona to offer a wonderful show at Rocksound. I told you about their last album, Death of a Decade, some weeks ago. I voted for it among my top 5 albums of year 2011.

It’s true the rainy night didn’t help, but that wasn’t reason enough to justify we were only 25 people attending the show. Very sad. The wide offer of life shows in town is overwhelming, and it’s impossible to attend all of them, considering the rough times we’re living, even though the price of tickets are reasonably affordable.

At least I gotta admit I feel very proud of myself  for managing to convince some friends to give a try to the band, and then make  it to the show, because nobody was disappointed and the band deserved it.

Death of a Decade was chosen to break this unfriendly night, creating a warm atmosphere and getting the audience very packed and close to the stage. The band based their set on their last album, although they recover few songs of his previous work, Buckle in the Bible Belt.

Voices were what impressed me most last night. On one hand the voice of the lead singer Brian Roberts, very solid and rich, and on the other the work on double voices and melodies from all the members of the band. Love bands in which all sing, and in this case the intensity the 4 voices created was magic. This moment when the four guys were singing a capella only with Anderson’s mandolin as their guide was wicked.

The more I listen to this instrument the more I like it. With his mandolin, it was as if Brett Anderson’s was bringing us back to the rooted Missouri, you could feel these folks’ passion for their tradition.

The show was quite short, or at least we all missed few more songs in the setlist. I think the band was pretty stoked by the reaction of the audience during and after the show. We all went to talk to them, they signed up records, took pictures with us, and I could have a nice small talk and a shot of Jager with Lennon, the drummer, very good vibes! Special mention to the merch guy, Mark. One of the hugest men I’ve ever met, his moustache was awesome.

While stuffing the van, despite the rain, Roberts took his old guitar and started playing and singing Death of a Decade in the middle of the street. Awesome! Pity they couldn’t stay for some drinks, and perhaps more songs, they guys had to be up at 6AM on Sunday to drive till Zurich!

The future of these hard working guys is promising. I’m not really sure about seeing them again considering the poor audience in most of the shows in Spain, but I bet that, in future occasions, when they’ll get proper attention from media, they’ll play in front of larger crowds, at bigger venues, and then only 25 will be able to say “When nobody knew them I was there”. I’ll be one of those.

Good luck guys! It was a great pleasure.

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