0:04h. Midnight. Now it’s when I’ve made myself comfortable in my pajamas, and laid down on the couch. I’m exhausted. And I’m glad about it!

If you’ve been following my updates, you know I’ve been too quiet lately. It’s been 6 months already since I lost my job due to the current economical downfall Spain is experiencing for years now. Weird and rough times. My life’s been a rollercoaster. Ups and downs in a nick of time, I passed through stages I was careless and happy, and others in which pessimism didn’t allow me to see beyond. I’ve earned weight, I’ve been struggling for creating routines and keeping things under control, I’ve made lots of thinking and my self esteem has been affected.

Eventually this has come to an end. I cannot say it’s for good, but at least my status has changed temporarily:


New office, new partners, new environment, terrible salary, weird bosses, shitty schedule and great location, only 20 minutes walking from the Hellhouse. Many cons and some pros, but I have to admit, I’ve never felt so glad of my Darth Vader alarm clock waking me up at 7:30AM.

I belong to the working type, I’ve been doing it for 15 years now. It’s not just the money, waking up every morning to go to the office to move containers here and there, provides freedom, responsibility, routines and focusing. At the end of the day, I’m glad for this comeback to normal life. As I said few days ago, it’s better to curse your boss than feeling sorry for not having one.

All of a sudden I realize though, I’m running out of time. I’m off work at 7PM, which means 6-7 hours of MY life, including doing errands, Hellhouse tasks, and other duties. This evening I’ve talked to 4 people on the phone who’ve given me a call to check on my first impressions, cooked my meal for tomorrow, cooked homemade seitan, which is quite elaborated, I’ve done some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, listened to an album… when I’ve sat down in front of the computer, all the tiredness has brought out. It’s been too long without having responsibilities in the real world. I’m glad to be IN again, and will focus on getting in shape ASAP.

And now I’m going straight to bed, because tomorrow I gotta work! 😉

Thanks everybody for the support received these rough months. It’s meant lots to me.

5 responses to “KNACKERED AND GLAD

  1. bonita entrada, Toi^^
    Me alegra muchísimo la noticia, lo sabes.
    Un besaco grande.

  2. Uhm.; no conocía ese adjetivo urbano, GODDAMN; pero ya no se me olvida.
    Me alegro que estés contenta, por ende yo también lo estoy…
    Un kissette

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