Oh dears! Finally October is done and hardly survived. What a shitty month, really! I don’t know about you, but it’s been long, penniless, and unstable, with many many changes. I really needed it to come to an end and start with the final stage of this weird year.

November comes with Halloween night hangover, the chestnuts and sweet potatoes, and an overwhelming bunch of live shows.

Seems like, once supposedly recovered from Summer mayhem, money comes back to our empty pockets, and before we get ruined with Xmas buying spree, attractive concerts are waiting for us.

After celebrating Halloween attending Scott H. Biram’s show and having a great night among friends, I was give a freebie to attend Warrior Soul on Thursday, something completely unexpected. I wasn’t meant to attend the show due to money circumstances and the intense and tight gig schedule next week, thus this was a great gift. Thanks Javi! I owe you one!

Just arrived I crossed by a guy in blonde long hair moving glamorously but dumb towards a bar nearby. Hey, wait a minute! That was Kory Clarke! I never thought he was so short sized!

Even though the venue wasn’t much packed, I met some friends there. The feeling was as if travelling 10 years back in time. Not many girls in the audience, bold guys who I remembered in long hair, and the average age around 35 years old. Also, the opening band, Lipstick, used to be quite active in the local punk rock scene back in the day. Gotta say their performance was very pretty cool and songs worked out fantastic, despite the fact that they admitted being inactive for more than 2 years. I’d say they were even better than they used to be.

 It’s sad Warrior Soul are completely ignored by the new rock generations. Also considering the their message of struggling against social injustice they used to express with their songs, seems weird they’re not outstanding. This show was for most of the audience and exercise of nostalgia and loyalty to one of the most powerful band in 1990s.

I can’t remember why I didn’t attend their show last year. I thought it had been cancelled but apparently it happened. I have to admit though I’m very enthusiastic for their album Space Age Playboys. I think I discovered it at the end of 1990s and felt like a neutron bomb, absolutely devastating, and since then I’ve feel completely respectful towards Warrior Soul, even though I’m not a diehard fan.

Few weeks ago I heard they had released a new album, Stiff Middle Finger, earlier this year. I had no idea. It has some good songs, but comparing to what I saw on Thursday, there’s an unfair work done in terms production, and songs sound greater played live.

Warrior Soul is not the band that used to be, and nowadays features several Spanish musicians. This is not so uncommon, there are projects of American songwriters, who have their supporting band in Europe, so they rehearse separately and when touring they join for playing.  In this case this accompanying Warrior Soul worked quite fine, as the band sounded solid and packed. I liked it, songs were intense and combined with Kory’s performance, the show was ace.

The setlist was quite short, based on their new album, but still we could enjoy songs like Punk and Belligerent, Rotten Soul, The Drug or Love Destruction. That’d be my main complaint, that they barely played stuff of my favorite album, however this was overcome by Clarke’s cocky attitude on stage. There are not many frontmen which impress me nowadays, but he reminded me of the old school ones, which fill up the stage, don’t stop posing, dancing, moving and encouraging people to pay attention and vibe. Really cool.

The funniest thing of the night, apart from the after show chatting with a couple of funny guys I know, was to discover that the merch girl and tour manager at the show, was an acquaintance of mine in London. We used to have many beers and share crazy rockin’ nights when I was living there, and even though we haven’t been keeping in touch for ages, the truth is that we were meeting by chance in my visits to London. Awesome!

Age do not forget anyone and even though she looked gorgeous, I found her quite different. Guess she had the same feeling, as we’re 12 years older…yet gorgeous hahaha 😉

In the end she confessed me she was Kory’s girl, thus I got properly introduced to the singer, who immediately hugged me and spent some time talking to me. Very funny! He’s currently living peacefully in Malta, getting suntanned and enjoying…what a boss! It’s amazing the capability of singing having in mind the memory of his super broken voice when talking to him. This is a good example which confirms some people sing from their balls.

Before we said goodbye,  the couple gave me a t-shirt as a present, we were quite happy about this surprising re-encounter, and thought the tee would be a great memory for such moment. I found this gesture really tender, to be honest.

Thinking of this story confirms world is smaller than we always think. You can find an acquaintance anytime anywhere. This was a good surprise, perfect to add to a perfect show. The unscheduled show was a win. So good… November started the finest, hope it keeps the same.

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