I exactly have 25 minutes till I catch my motorbike to attend the acoustic show. of Abandon Jalopy and my beloved Jonny Kaplan. I’m in a hurry, but my world has to stop for at least 5 minutes to do something I gotta do, and actually feel like doing. It might sound stupid but I need to write a happy birthday post dedicated to one of my personal favorite artists: Ryan Adams.

How many posts have I written already mentioning him? Lots, and sure many will come, because he deserves all my praise and respect, regardless how eccentric he might be. He stole my heart many years ago, and saved my life with his music when I needed him.

My gorgeous and messy hair boy is 38 today, and I just can be grateful he exists, and keeps on being so passionate for music. If he read this, he’d probably give a shit, but there’d be the tiniest chance he’d feel fine about making someone happy.

Anyway, Ryan, I wish you the best. I love following your projects and stories through the social networks, and I can’t wait to see you on stage again. You rock my life!

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