WEEK 45, 2012

Hey hey! How you doing friends? It’s been ages since my last post, I know. It’s not something I’m proud of but Hell! It’s been the hottest gig week of the year, and probably one of the most remarkable in my whole life, in terms of music events.

These have been such intense days, my routines have been reduced to none, leaving work aside, and everything’s been mayhem.  My past days have been basically like this:

I wake up at 7,30 (as days were passing by, it was harder), go to work struggling to avoid being mobbed by one of my bosses (I’ll tell you about it in the future), finish at 7pm, running home to put on a cool tee and some make up, and pick up the ticket and my camera, and fly to the meeting point nearby the venue to have the first been with friends before the show. Thing is, there were beers before, during and after the show, so I’ve been hangover most of time.

Since Monday this is my first day off, and it’s Saturday. I’ve been attending 5 shows in a row, and tomorrow there’s another one. do I complain? By all means, but deep in my heart I’d rather experienced such week a month ago, when I was unemployed. This kind of rockstar lifestyle is too hard for a working girl in my age and circumstances.

Imagine today. I thought Saturday would be my day off to chill out and do nothing, and it’s been just the opposite. I woke up at 8,30 am, puffy eyed, went to the supermarket to fill my poor fridge, did laundry, cleaning and washing up, baked some cookies and finally I’ve stopped, come to terms with myself, and have decided now it’s time to write a bit.

Truth is that I don’t know where to start, because I have many things to tell you about these past events. Hope I don’t get you bored with so much music stuff.

There I go! Well…little by little 😉

PS. By the way, bo you remember my last post dedicated to Ryan Adams for his birthday? Sheeeit! The least possible chance happened! He read it and liked it!!!


One response to “WEEK 45, 2012

  1. Good to know you keep writing, girl. I thought you had forgotten us all….
    Congrats for the Ryan Adams like, I may start listening to his music now that he seems a nice dude and you like him, jajajaja.
    Keep safe and keep having weeks like this. Cuando el cuerpo te diga prou dale más para acostumbrarle. We are still young enough to deal with this, don’t be like Murtaugh already. There is a lot still to come.
    y un beso

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