I’ve never been good at drawing, in fact, art was one of the subjects I used to find most difficult at school. I even failed sometimes. Drawing, painting, cutting or modelling… same shit. Being lefty didn’t help much either.

I remember once, my parents bought me one of these drawing notebooks to exercise and improve my skills. They thought the more I practiced the better I would draw. What they didn’t suspect, or at least they didn’t seem to, is that what I actually improved were my tracing skills, which were very useful that day in 6th degree, when my math exam was rated 1/10 thus I had to show it to my parents and return it signed by them. I’m positive when they read this, it will be first news after 25 years. Yes, Elena, my former teacher, you used to mark us like shit, and I didn’t want to be reprimanded nor punished, so the only way out was to fake my dad’s signature by tracing. Believe it or not, it worked, and nothing happened. Life went on.

When I was at high school, we had this compulsory technical drawing subject just in order to ruin my life. We had these assignments in which, to start with, we had to fill the template boxes with our names written with 45º inclination. After two assignments, I decided not to waste my time on that crap, and I was so determined to find a solution, I’d pay for them to be done. It wasn’t necessary. I started exchanging drawing assignments for English homework, and passed the subject. I was 14.

And now that I’m 36, someone suggests to draw, or better say, adapt an album cover using PAINT app, and start copying them like crazy. And you know the funniest thing? I use the mouse as right handed  rather than trying with my “good” hand.

Can you guess the name of these albums? All of them have been albums of the week here. Ok, I give you some clues…

I went to see this artist to Porto last year, and this is his last album.

ashes and fire

This is the debut album of Evil Elvis and his band.

danzig paint

You can see another version of this album cover in wood carving on he top righ of this blog, included in the header. This was the wedding present for my friends Artie and Mayra.

harvest moon

I discovered this band and this album in Spring. It’s 80’s.


I attended a show of the leader of this band in April, and even though he’s always quite serious, I made him laugh.

Screaming Trees

Feel like giving it a try?

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