Let’s s take a break from music for a while. I’m aware that my last posts have been related to albums, and perhaps you’re a bit saturated. Sorry if such is the case!

Xmas is coming, and even though I just have a 5-days break to visit my family and friends in my hometown, I’m being pretty busy for the next 2-3 weeks.

What about you? I’m sure many of you have a long Xmas break, and once the shopping spree is done and the presents wrapped, what are you gonna do?

I got an indecent proposal for those days you basically overfeeding and lying on the couch hardly digesting all you’ve been eating while watching the typical same boring movies.

I’ve recovered this Do-It-Yourself Posable I discovered many years ago on Google when looking for something I could apply what I had recently learned related to  Photoshop selection and transformation. David Hasselfhoff in his different roles, ready for you to start customizing your hero at your pleasure.


It you take a serious look, there are plenty of tiny details which make this paper toy awesome: the different main characters he’s been playing, the changeable smiles, the Knight Ryder leather jacket, the portable hairy chest… pretty good, although everybody has noticed the absence of the hamburgers, refreshing that image of the actor, trying to eat a burger, completely drunk lying down on the floor.

Today good ol’ Hasselhoff came to my mind and then I remembered this posable. while looking for a picture to keep it, I found another version of this posable, closer to God, thanks to The Pope.

diy pope

Now that he’s so popular thanks to his newTwitter account, @Pontifex, from which he’s been sending his message of peace and love, this posable could turn into one of the hottest souvenirs related to The Pope.

Don’t think I will have time enough to give them a try, but if you do, will you please send a me a photo of them? Ha!

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