mmj evil urges

How relative time is! One year ago I visited Stockholm to attend the shows of Justin Townes Earle and My Morning Jacket. The trip is still fresh in my mind, and I can even feel the chill Scandinavian breeze in my face while crossing the broar, however so many things have happened since then, it seems like I made this trip ages ago.

After so much excitement and a thrilling show, this is, after feeling completely fulfilled with the accomplishment of a long awaited target, I left My Morning Jacket aside, to focus on new musical targets to feed my thirst of emotion, that, and the fact that I wasn’t quite excited with their last released album, Circuital, I somehow forgot about them.

Few days ago I was walking to my office and wanted something not too hard, and not too soft, melancholic nor depressive. It’s difficult to find something appropriate when you’re in such strange state. For no reason the scroll stopped right at My Morning Jacket, and while having the belief that Z is my favorite band, I decided to recover the first one I discover this band with, Evil Urges. Again, I don’t know which album I like the best, sheeeit!

One of the things that again overwhelmed me was the sound of this album, neat and powerful. Everything is perfectly balanced and equalized. Considering I was listening to it with proper headphones (I’m not getting any commission or stuff for free, but I gotta say I’m pro Sennheiser), this impact was even more intense). Evil Urges starting with a heavy roll and a stomping rhythm, tand the electronic arrangements is simply perfect.

I particularly enjoy the way the band moves from one style to another, the lyrics, the most intense songs and those which act as chilling ones, Jim James‘ falsettos, the elegance of Carl Broemel on guitars, the pic moments… there are so many features and details in every song, it’s hard to decide where to start.

Evil Urges is one of these albums you get obsess with different songs every time depending on your mood. For instance, I’ve always felt fascination for Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2. They performed this song for one of these Black Cab Sessions and felt impressed by the ability of keeping the groove in such conditions. Well, this time I’m kinda obsessed with Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 1 and Highly Suspicious, a song which always makes me think of Prince (I’m serious).

mmj band

First time I listened to My Morning Jacket was in an apartment in Manhattan in September 2008. I had read very good reviews on the band, but didn’t have the chance to check them out. Evil Urges had been released two months earlier, and, opposite to Spain, the album was on sale for 10 bucks. I had brought my laptop and played the CD, and my feeling was that this music was something completely opposite to the concept on music I had in that time. Many classic elements combined with electronic arrangements, the variety of songs  was amazing and to tell you the truth, the way I see it now, with this album I opened a door to a new musical dimension.

Thus, with the doubt again in my head after listening to this album in an obsessive manner, I will have to recover the rest of the albums and see which one I think it’s the best. Promise Evil Urges is awesome. I’m glad I was in the mood the other day.

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