The tragic events occurred in Connecticut recently makes society to stop reflecting on the causes which can lead someone to grab a shotgun and start killing innocent children, men and women without distinction, on global scale.

Initial belief is that the modest limits on gun possession in the US is the main reason for all these tragedies, but we should reconsider the whole issue, and start analyzing in depth.

It’s an axiom that you will never pull the trigger if you don’t carry a gun, nobody can deny that. Violent crimes rates involving gunshots are unfortunately too high rated in the US. But they are also alarmly high in Brazil for instance, where more than 9 million guns are said to be unregistered. Canada applies very soft restrictions on this regard and rates are quite low, with their citizens carrying guns and lacking of this uneasy threatening feeling of risk and insecurity.

arm in a drawer

Europeans witness these gun possession regulation as something alien, however, when digging on the surface for further information, you discover than in Nordic countries there’s a high rate of gun ownership due to popularity of hunting. Last year we were shocked by the mass shooting episode committed by Anders Behring, a fanatic who wanted to save Norway from the Marxist and Islamic menace, but nobody named guns possesion as the cause of this terrible incident. On the other hand, Eartern countries such as Poland or Czech Republic are not too tough on restrictions.

I’m not making up anything, just visit our friendly site, Wikipedia and search for gun politics.

My point here is that, we should go beyond the physical object, the gun, and focus on other aspects which we should be more concerned about, in my humble opinion, of course.

While commenting on this subject, and being me the only one trying to make the point that not only the guns were to be the only part to be blamed, a friend of mine encouraged me and some other to read this breathtaking article posted on The Anarchist Soccer Mom‘s blog, named Think The Unthinkable, in which the author relates the Connecticut tragedy to mental issues, treatment, and the position of society facing such disorders, putting her own son as an example of potential criminal.

To be honest, I felt overwhelmed and brokenhearted by this article.

Even though this point of view is perfectly valid and I’d vouch for that, what fascinates me, or better said terrifies me, is the fact that these attackers carefully plan their acts up to the tiniest detail, and act in cold blood. The question I can’t stop asking myself is What makes an average guy to react in such way?

quiet man

A couple of days ago I decided to review a film I had seen last year, in one of these Grindhouse sessions at the Hellhouse. I remember we liked it even though we were looking for something lighter, more easy viewing and funny, and we weren’t mentally prepared for such a story. I’m talking about He Was A Quiet Man (Frank Capello, 2007), a film which deals with a guy, played by Christian Slater, who could be labeled as a nerd, mobbed at work by superiors and rejected and scorned by colleagues. To put it into simple words, a misfit and a loser. The only motivation in his boring and frustrating life, is to empty the drum of his gun at the office, with already chosen living targets he loathes, saving a bullet to put end to his miserable life. I think this film will be updated on Popcorn and Movies, as it’s worth commenting.

We, average people who never had trouble bullying, mobbing, harassment, domestic violence, abuse… perhaps are not conscious of what this kind of torture inflicted, might affect the victims. Everybody have a limit of endurance, and once broken, without help nor monitoring, can cause side effects which can remain dormant, with indeterminate consequences in case that post traumatic disordered side of the brain reacts.

Society in the US is perhaps one of the most insane in the world. There are so many contradictions and differences among people, marked by class, gender, origin, ethnics, money, culture, education, fashion…people are submitted to an extraordinary pressure all their lives, and especially in early stages in life, some are unable to cope with that. Americans must be perfect despite their imperfection, and their country has to be the #1 in the world, regardless. The way of outburst might differ due to cultural and personal environment.


Probably if the character in Herman Hesse’s Beneath The Wheel (Unterm Rad), Hans Giebenrath, was born in the US, not only he would suffer a breakdown, but would have been another mass killer. Again is society and culture we grow up in, what determines certain reactions.

All this reflection put into written words, let’s stop referring to the easiest explanation for tragedies, and let’s analyze and deal with such horrible events in the most respectful and serious way. Guns are the executors, society the real responsible.


  1. As if guns and assault riffles were the same thing…
    As if regulation was just a matter of who, and not of what or even where…

    Maybe deer hunting shotguns and sport guns aren’t correlated with gun murders (I bet my right arm on a possivitive correlation, though) but hell will freeze if there isn’t a cause-effect relationship between carring ASAULT RIFFLES ANYWHERE you want, and people dying from gun shots

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