2013 GOALS

January the first is gone, and personal traditions have been accomplished, you know, Elvis morning and Star Wars afternoon. Pretty fine this year because I haven’t experienced any sort of hangover, and emotions and excitement have remained at the same level as this time last year, regarding Elvis and Star Wars.

My last post was a summary of good things which happened to me last year. Well, today I’ve decided to write down my objectives for 2013, so I will be able to check their accomplishments at the end of the year.

Wish lists or better said, target lists, are very easy to write down, however such goals, if taken serious, have to be considered or divided into different categories, which I’d personally based on their possibility and the level of personal involvement required for their accomplishment. This is, there are targets which depend on my will and efforts 100%, however there are others which unfortunately cannot be completely under my control and will. And of course there are those you always want but luck would be the key factor for their success.

Let’s get started


–       Read more books: I tend to spend lots of time in front of the computer, and it’s really easy I do waste my time in nothing profitable. Most of my life I’ve been an avid reader, perhaps that’s the reason why I write and have very active imagination. I want to recover the habit, and read the pile of books I have pending waiting for me to bend their pages and even underline sentences that really move me.


–       Write more: perhaps you think it’s not enough but again, I think I could do more and waste less time in nonsense. I got two blogs, write articles for Norma Jean, some websites are waiting for my stuff, and there’s still a short story I have to write (and I’m running out of time).

–       Be more organized: this organization implies not only time management but also my Hellhouse, which looks quite messy lately. Schedules for cleaning, writing, doing shopping, cooking, whatever I might need them for. My working hours are terrible, but I have to make the most of my spare time for both homework and leisure.

–       Less party and less booze: things can get out of control right after a party animal weekend, and it takes me longer to recover every time and get back into business and stay focus. I want to do other stuff which also imply money, thus I’d prefer cutting going out over the rest of expenses.

–       More activities outdoors: move my ass for taking pictures, roller skating with friends or just some walks, which I love and are good for my head.

–       More cleaning and cooking: first is important, whenever I’m behaving erratic, it’s immediately reflected on my Hellhouse. Second target is just a reminder, as I’m already cooking and have improved lots, but want to learn more recipes.


–       Watch more movies and series, cut down crappy TV programs even though they’re funny to comment on Twitter.

–       Get more ink: From year 2010 I’m getting inked once a year, and I’m happy about it. People think tattoos are expensive, but in my opinion, every good job should be paid as it deserves, and considering I’m carrying real art works in my skin, and they’ll be with me for good, I’m totally ok with not going out and not buying music on behalf of this. Beside, it’s like inking my current mood too.


–       Moving to Madrid: I’m already working on that, moving my CV among working colleagues, and making a bit of a buzz. These are bad times now, and hiring is quite stopped right now during to national crisis.

Why Madrid? Well, to start with the musical and cultural options available are as many if not more as in Barcelona. It’s a big city, and I kinda like the big cities, with stress, dynamism, people from everywehere… Agnès, my best friend is settled there, and there are also many close friends living in the city. The possibility of changing sceneario and getting acquainted with different people. To sum up, I’m looking for a rad change and a new life. I’m ready for that, and I think it’s the right time for doing so.

–       Be active as a worker the whole year: after what happened last year, this is one of my biggest fears and insecurities. I need to work, be active and feel useful. I’m not asking for stunning wages nor the perfect work, just pass through these awful times working, and recover my self-confidence. At the end of the day I’m good at what I do.

–       Find a partner in crime: yes my friends, this might sound desperate but I swear it’s just the opposite. Let’s say I’m perfect on my own but nowadays my state of mind would accept someone worth it. Somebody said I’d be own my own because I ask too much, I don’t think so. I’ll talk about it some day. If you, my own private Han Solo, read this blog and follow it from time to time, that means we’re on the same level, which is good. As long as you’re not a dick, everything’s fine. As Johnny Thunders used to sing “I wanna be loved”. You know, I’m a romantic at the end of the day.

 holding hands

–       Since My Baby Left Me: I’d love everybody would participate and comment on my posts, so I will try to improve the subjects in order to involve you a bit more, however the ultimate decision is yours, and really, shyness or language difficults shouldn’t be a problem. You can write in any language, as there’s a translator available, I will manage to reply.


–       Win Euromillon, become a rich rocker, and financially secure the lives of my closest ones for good.

–       Travel abroad back to Japan and The States: unfortunately i’m not in a saving mood at all, plus my income has decreased dramatically, thus at the moment it’s better not to set such targets.

koishikawa korakuen

Some friend said targetshave to be realistic and only determined because you feel capable and in the mood of accomplishing them, otherwise frustration will step forward and you will feel miserable. I think she’s right, thus I’m primarily focusing on the feasible goalswhich will provide more pleasure than pain.

Now tell me, have you set any targets for this year? Which way you arrange the list of things to do/improve? Are you realistic in your objectives? C’mon! Let me know, I’m curious by nature, can’t help it!

Anyway, I truly wish you the best 2013 possible. Thanks for being there!


One response to “2013 GOALS

  1. Toi, don’t worry about the responses, I think I’ve replied like once and that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the blog. Sometimes you don’t have too much time or prefer to read to more stuff, or sometimes you just agree so much that you think to yourself: “what do I say? +1???” As of targets I’ve never really set anyone ever! :-p Well I learnt how to swim last year after being embarrased of living by the sea all my life and, because of a bad experience when I was a kid, not being able to do so, but it wasn’t a target I set beforehand (maybe in the back of my mind but I never really articulated it). So a happy new year to you too, and enjoy your guy’s birthday!

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