Euphoria, pronounced /juːˈfɔːriə/

1. A state of happiness and well-being.
2. Psychiatry. An exaggerated state of happiness, with no foundation in truth or reality

Right now I’m taking a risk of writing about how I lately right here and with a chance anyone close to me wants to take me to a shrink afterwards, thinking I need some help, and I won’t blame them at all.

I’m a moody person, but not in the sense of getting angry all the time. To be honest, you have to be an artist pulling the wrong strings to get me upset. Although it’s a fact I have a strong character, I’m quite easy going with people. Perhaps my #daddycool would have something to say here, but yeah, for good and for bad, he’s an artist at many things. Truth is that in my teenage days I used to be more sensitive, but calmed down as I was growing up. Many witnesses (friends mainly) can tell I’m nice and in good spirits when I wake up in the morning, even talkative. Nay, I seldom lose control.

But let’s not divert from the subject. After a period of darkness last year, Christmas and resolutions and lots of crap, my 2013 has started with me recovering my optimism levels, to such point, my state is comparable to 2011, when I realized the world was mine, and wanted to enjoy it compulsively. However this time, with memories of the overcome last dark season still fresh in my mind, and assuming future is not stable anymore, I’m aware of reality, and keep it present as this funny craziness I enjoy so much. nothing beyond my control. But whatever explanation I might try to reason here, the word that defines my current state is no other but Euphoria.

toi and mermaid

Seems that it’s kind of contagious, and the attitude I’m approaching my life also has an effect, usually positive, upon the others. I’m not thinner, I haven’t turn younger and definitely I don’t look more appealing than one month ago. So what’s going on here? I don’t know, but I smile more than average, and am able to recover from a shitty day like the one I had yesterday, with a nice talk and a glass of wine (this is optional).

And what’s the basis for this Euphoria? How does it work? First of all, this is the time when some things, even the tiniest ones give a reason to smile. It’s like whatever happens makes me feel fine and contributes to a state of excitement. I noticed this with the episode of the old friend found on Internet, I was exultant.

As for the spreading euphoria disease, when you give off good vibes, unconsciously those around in a receptive mood, quickly react and approach to the source. ME. Thus, a whirlpool of funny situations happens, feeding my happiness, driving me to a state of nonstop pleasure.

You, dude, be careful, because it’s at this point when I have crushes every 30 minutes and fall in love with anyone who transmits me similar good vibes as mine. In a couple of weeks, I’ve had a crush on a Twitstar, my friend in Sweden, a German guy, a tattoo artist, and so on… Do not misunderstand me. Something we’ve shared has been so nice I just feel like a teenager, adoring in secret just for a while. Tomorrow the effect of the crush will be gone, and I’ll look at them in the same way I used to, but in the meantime, their behavior, our conversations and gestures…you name it, have caused me to smile, and damn! I love smiling!


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  1. Happy and hope weekend ¡¡¡

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