How many times have we heard of the Writer’s Block? Does is actually happen? Is it a cheap excuse to hide the fact that you feel lazy about writing? Is it another urban legend? Let me tell you something:


Writer’s Block happens more than wished, honestly, in fact it could be classified into different  types, depending on the causal factors. Let’s see…

Lack of inspiration

Doesn’t matter how much time you spend in front of the empty sheet, nothing comes out. No ideas, no words, NOTHING. It’s exasperating. What the hell is going on in my mind? Has all my creativity vanished? Am I not good for writing anymore? Will this block last forever? And so on. Terrible feeling!

Too much to say but you don’t know where to start

There are many ideas and concepts you want to talk about, it’s like a constant brainstorming in your mind you are unable to organize and even less to find the starting point to do so. You feel so overwhelmed you just star delaying the moment to start writing.

 writers block

Stuck in the middle

This type of block can be related to the previous one, but I prefer to refer to it separately.

When you have eventually defied the mayhem of ideas and start writing, sometimes words are poured easily so the text is taking shape and is being built easily, but there are sometimes that this flow stops suddenly, and what seemed to be so good, now it doesn’t look so powerful or consistent, and you start questioning about trying to amend or rewrite some parts or just throw the whole piece to the bin.

The sense of wasting your time invades you and makes you feel very frustrated.

Emotional state and external factors

If you are an organized person, probably your topics are already planned, but you can’t control your state of mind and soul, right? Otherwise  you wouldn’t have developed writing skills. The way I see it, this has to do with creativity, passion and lots of imagination. I’d like to think of amateur writing as a kind of art at a very early and immature state.

Sometimes  you got much more interesting plans than spend some hours writing, or you’re just distracted, or tired, or drunk or whatever.

Nevertheless, what I’d like to remark here is the proper emotional, the very same that sometimes turns out to be the greatest source of inspiration. It can also pull you away from writing, due to excess of both sadness and happiness. When the first case happens, you’re so down you just want to die on the couch, and if you’re experiencing an episode of euphoria, it’s hard to go down to earth and write a little. If this block has to happen I only hope it’s due to something pleasant.

type writer

There are also these other external factors which can contribute to the writer’s block, starting from stress at work to money issues, arguments with the closest ones, family problems, friends who need your support, long phone calls, hangovers…

How can we face this situation?

That’s a great question.

I’ve been experiencing myself some kind of writer’s block this week. I’d say it had to do with my personal state mainly. My hormones were crazier than usual, last weekend was marked by an insane night which was very hard to recover from and had this mood in super low spirits as the main side effect once the physical hangover was gone, it’s been a very busy week at work with lots of incidences to cope with, I’m gonna be quite short of money again since I signed up my new contract for 6 months with the company I’m working for and wages are short, Norma Jean Magazine growing extraordinarily and super fast, with me and Andrea overwhelmed by the impact of the last articles, and the response from our followers…I’m so exhausted I’ve been falling asleep  in front of the computer almost every night.

I always write down the topics I want to talk about, but if I’m wasted I cannot concentrate, and it’s hard to stare at the empty screen in my computer unable to press a single key to start a story. it’s depressing.

So, again, how can we overcome this block? The key is your mind. If yours is too busy, you won’t be able to write shit, nor even your shopping list. You need to isolate all those thoughts and troubles first, in essence, you need to take it easy and relax. Release all the wrong energy you keep inside and let it go. Switch off the computer and move away from your desk first of all. Thus, if you are into sports, go running, if you don’t, have a walk and get lost for a while, if it’s raining go to the movies, if you feel you home has turn into a cage, go outdoors, have a beer or smoke a joint, call someone, listen to 5 albums straight, get laid or masturbate…your main target is to feel relaxed and relieved. Anything goes, as long as you don’t bother anyone.

The Writer’s Block can happen to anyone, but it’s the task of oneself to cope with it and move on. I’m not very happy about what happened last week, considering writing is some kind of therapy to me, so I will try to isolate from external influences which keep me away from writing.

Good luck to all those who are currently experiencing such horrible situation. Don’t panic! There’s always a way out.

One response to “THE WRITER’S BLOCK

  1. muy buena entrada… yo añadiría un bloqueo más, uno que por lo menos me ocurre a menudo: exceso de perfeccionismo… tienes una idea en mente, y es brillante, puede salir algo bueno… peroooo… entonces hay que plasmarla en texto… y bueno, a veces no sale como querías… a veces no es lo que esperabas… a veces, la idea en tu cabeza estaba mucho mejor… puede parecer una chorrada, pero a mí, me bloquea…

    un par de comentarios para superar el bloqueo. El primero, ya lo mencionas, parece chorra, pero escribe tus ideas, en una libretita, en un papel, mándate un e-mail desde el móvil (sí, lo he hecho muchas veces!). Luego recupéralas.

    Por otra parte, escribe! escribir es como un ejercicio y a veces, hay que calentar… escribe cualquier chorrada, lo que sea, para comenzar… si no hay ideas, o si las ideas no te convencen, escribe sobre ti, sobre tu vida o sobre tus sentimientos… en eso, no te vas a equivocar… no quiere decir que vayas a convertirte ni en un exhibicionista, ni en un onanista, pero es una manera de comenzar. Algo tan tonto como una especie de dietario. De ahí, luego salen las ideas buenas. Pensemos que de cada 300 palabras, sólo un par de frases valdrán la pena. Y sin embargo, ahí están. Listas para ser el inicio de algo. Otras veces salen cosas más redondas y se pueden aprovechar completamente.

    Y finalmente, revisa tus textos. Relee textos antiguos. A mí me ocurre que, a veces, leo algo de hace 3 o 4 años, lo suficientemente lejano en el tiempo como para no sentirme muy implicado, como para poder tomar distancia, y me doy cuenta de que, eh, no está nada mal. LA lejanía en el tiempo y la implicación más relativa nos permite verlo de una manera más objetiva, sin ese afán de autocastigarnos que tenemos a menudo.

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