News which inevitably cause a rollercoaster of emotions inside your head. Do you know what I’m talking about? Sure you do. THOSE announcements that usually catch you off guard and leave you speechless. I’ve been receiving such news very often recently. At least they were good ones.

You realize you’re getting old for many reasons but this one in particular is like a punch in the face and the ultimate sign of maturity, compromise and responsibility, for the rest of your life. I’m talking about having kids.

I’m 36, and even though my friends’ age varies from one to another a lot, it could be said that, considering or current circumstances and the changes our generations have been facing and assuming, it’s the perfect timing for these established couples in their 30s to strengthen their ties by agreeing the most important compromise in a relationship: creating a family.

Last week I was announced by three friends, two especially close, that they were pregnant.  Not one, not two, BUT THREE.


By now if you’ve been following some of my experiences here, you probably know I’m a very sensitive person, and I care for my friends more than I look for myself, or at least I try my best in doing so. Give and you’ll be given, correct? I’m very lucky regarding my friends, and I want the best for them. So when they shared with me such amazing news, I was overwhelmed by  mixture of emotions: happiness, sadness and loneliness and hope.

I know it sounds weird, but there is a reason for that, leaving aside that I’m experiencing a wild PMS this time, and I’m feeling strange lately, mostly due to my current job.

Happiness is the first and most intense feeling to arise. Surprise-shock- euphoria-happiness for real and yess, babies! I’m positive my friends are gonna be excellent mums/dads and will transmit great values to their kids, and the idea of witnessing the birth of these modern families close seems very exciting to me. I really can’t wait to see these little creatures cheering up our reunions. The birth of a baby in these cases means the result of a love story, being a romantic girl, I’m very happy for my friends.

When reading about sadness and loneliness I guess some of you might freak out. This has to do with my personal situation. It’s not that I want to have a baby right now, but I feel sad for not being experiencing such sweet times with someone by my side. And the worst thing is that, having a look around, I don’t see an imminent change in my status. Again I have to stress the fact that I don’t feel desperate for finding a boyfriend, by all means, but events like these make me wonder if someday I will find the right guy to spend some quality time with in a more intimate way. When so much love is around, it’s easy to feel a bit miserable, and odds are against me right now.


On the other hand, I’m an upbeat girl, and happiness weighs more than sadness, so hope comes back in sight and I’m finally thinking there’s someone waiting for me somewhere, and whatever time it might take, a nice Han Solo like fella will eventually take my hand. This is my consolation, and some kind of motivation.

Some friends have been asking me whether I would have kids, and my reply was simple. Not that I’m mad about it, but it the time came, together with a legal and loving guy, I wouldn’t mind. My ex’s were totally against babies, thus I didn’t stop to think about it, it was out of question.

Anyway, if I don’t have any kid, this post with act was my will and my nephew would inherit my record collection.

Whenever I receive these news I get super excited, and my reaction is normal and within certain limits, however, three pregnancies in a row, confirming there’s a baby boom, have been way too much. I’m super super glad for my girls, and to be honest, for no reason I had this thought of 2013 adding lots a kids in the picture. Should I start considering starting my fortune telling business?

2 responses to “HERE COME THE KIDS!

  1. Se que eres feliz por todos nosotros y también que hay un Han Solo por encontrar. La vida a cada uno nos lleva de una manera y para cada uno tiene sus momentos, yours is yet to come. Hay que ir viviendo y disfrutando cada instante porque todo va llegando.
    Nosotros siempre tenemos un hueco para la tita Toi en nuestro corazón y la pequeña Ari en cuanto te vea…te adorará. Love

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