You realize you’re growing old when those films you saw at the theatres when they were premiered now celebrate 15th and 20th anniversaries. This has recently happened with The Big Lebowski, one of my favorite films. On March 6th, its 15th birthday was celebrated.

man of the year

I actually watched some time after its release because I was living in London and going to the movies wasn’t exactly cheap and I’d rather have some pints or attend a show with friends. Again I have to say thanks to my friend Tani who invited me to spend an evening at her house listening to music, drinking beer and eventually watching THE film, her new favorite film.

I currently watch films in their original language, no matter whether it’s Japanese, German or Swedish, I support the idea that acting is not just the part of body language or the ability of reflect certain emotions or transmit subtle messages, but also the voice and the way of speaking have a major role in the performances. When characters’ are dubbed into the local language a great deal of their acting is lost in the process. Call me snob. This is one of the main arguments among Spanish people and one of the reasons in my country English speaking level is so precarious.

All this been clarified I have to admit during many many years I used to watch The Big Lebowski in Spanish since my friend have a Spanish copy of the film. Still, I must admit there was a really hard and outstanding work as the dialogues remained brilliant, and I still doing jokes related to The Dude, El Nota, in Spanish. If you are Spanish or can speak my language I strongly recommend you both, because Walter and The Duderino are absolutely hilarious in several scenes.

While nosing on the net about the film I was shocked about the fact that Coen bros never got any award or any sort of recognition related to this film. Probably this modern and peculiar film-noir story was too unusual, its characters were not very standard nor correct, and FUCK was repeated 292 times. Considering the American double standards of moral, it doesn’t surprise me. I’m actually glad that The Big Lebowski is still seen as some sort of cult movie, not for mass consumption. I’d hate it been broadcast on TV every two weeks to be honest.

As you already know I adore The Dude: his style, his terrible clothes, his wonderful hair and his take-it-easy attitude. I’ve seen myself being influenced by the anti-hero. First time I went bowling I had this hair clip ready. Few days ago I purchased a wool jacket quite similar (yet much cheaper) to his. I love White Russian and I smoked a joint using tweezers pretending to be him. Probably if I was dating someone like him I’d get desperate though, but you know, that’s not gonna happen.

One of my all time favorite rituals shared with my friend Kiko is watching The Big Lebowski completely drunk after a party animal night until eventually we both pass out. It’s a classic, and we never get through more than 45 minutes, which happen to be the most extraordinarily fun ever. Can’t wait to repeat again soon with a loaded White Russian.

I’m not gonna spoil anything about the film. It sounds weird when someone admits not having gone through The Lebowski’s experience yet, actually I don’t understand it, so I strongly advise those poor lost souls to watch it once and for all. to be honest, I’d love to repeat this first time and have the same feelings I had that evening at Tani’s. I must have watched this film at least 15 times and I still burst into laughter and tears, no kidding.

To celebrate 15 years with The Dude WPromote created this adorable infographic. Hope you like it!

dude infographic

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