I’ve never understood by L7 never achieved more popularity. Whenever you talk to someone who loves rock, rough, dirt and tacky, and L7 are mentioned, everybody agrees they were great and call themselves fans. However this band has always belonged to a worldwide underground scene, no matter their single Pretend We’re Dead was a super hit. L7 was one of these SubPop /MTV generation bands which never stepped forward beyond that temporary stardom.

l7 powah

Anyway, I love them, and at the end of the day that’s what counts, right? In fact my love and admiration for them has been growing day a day, it took me some time to really dig into their stuff, but when I did I knew this was going to be a relationship for good.

I’ve been thinking of writing an article for Norma Jean Magazine related to this band lately, for 3 powerful reasons: I love them, they’re women, and they have more balls than many male rock bands.

When trying to get proper info to deliver a more documented article I realized that, apart from Wikipedia and some info related to Rock for Choice, there are not many sources of developed information available related to the history of the band and its members. And I’ve been looking for a bio without success. Sheeeit!

Meanwhile L7 official band page on FB was starting to reactivate its activity, posting lots of videos, pictures and asking fans for any material related, form pictures to interviews and so on, announcing an upcoming documentary.

A documentary! I’m so excited about it I had to share it with you, friends. I NEED to see that. I can’t wait! There’s no release date, and no further info has been advised. I’d support a crowdfunding in case it was necessary, but know NOTHING.

As a good friend told me few days ago, Good things come to those that wait, and since I think patience is a virtue that comes with age, and I’m 36 already, I’m gonna breath deep, play one of their albums and share this trailer with you.

5 responses to “L7, C’MON FUEL MY FIRE!

  1. You’re not the only one waiting for that rockumentary. In case you’re interested in old L7 clips and interviews, there’s a user on Youtube called L7JETT who uploaded a bunch of them. Is not a proper source of info, but it helps me out when I’m in desperate need of my Donita and Jen Precious Fich dose.

  2. Did you ever get to listen Other Star People, the band Jennifer Finch fronted after leaving L7? I recently discovered their only album and I love it. It is completely different from L7, some kind of new wave-pop thing, but the tunes are extremely catchy and well penned and crafted.

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