Shoes, brick walls and frames by Kate Woods

Yesterday was a very complete day, quite nonstop. I love this kind of days very much: I finished working for this company I’ve never been too much comfortable in, went to a nutritionist to receive some guidelines fitting my vegetarian condition with the aim of improving the quality of meals because I’m too chaos lately (NO diet), and finally spent 3 hours djn’ 90’s music at Psycho R&R club.

Few months ago, one of the owners, after observing the kind of stuff I’m mostly in, found remarkable my tendency towards more alternative styles, different to hard rock or proper metal, and my 90s music taste, and propose me to perform a 90s music night at his bar. I thought it was great but we never made a final agreement and the idea was left behind.

It was 2 weeks ago when I received a message asking if I was still interested and of course I accepted. Thus, starting from yesterday, I’m in charge of djn’ 90s stuff the second Thursday of every month until further notice. Ace!

Thursdays are quite unpredictable because there are many events and Friday is still a working day after all. Not many could stop by to have some drinks and have a good time, and I know some would have enjoyed the improvised selection, thus because sharing is always caring, here’s the playlist including what you could listen to at Psycho last night. Hope you like it.

***Song #7 right after 3 Colours Red’s Copper Girl was Stoned, by Redd Kross, but wasn’t available on Spotify.

5 responses to “SMELLS LIKE 90’S

  1. Me encanta que hayas incluido “You” de Radiohead… Qué canción! Y qué lejos, lejísimos, están los Radiohead actuales, si es que existen, de la banda que eran entonces. Me encanta y me sorprende a partes iguales, no te lo negaré…

    • Si te soy sincera con Radiohead nunca fui más allá del Pablo Honey, disco que machaqué. Supongo que algún día me pondré con ellos y les daré una oportunidad.

      A mi también me sorprendió recuperar ese temazo, y la verdad es que también quedé satisfecha de la elección.

  2. Is that your photo of the Doc Martens? I’d love to use it if it’s not under copyright.

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